Trelleborg’s Eccospheres®, high-performance, hollow glass microspheres, and Eccofloat® TG syntactic foam series, have a consistent strength-to-weight ratio to maximise buoyancy and reduce weight when in the air.

Trelleborg’s buoyancy can be readily shaped to conform to hull contours and outfitted for installation in the forward and aft free-flood areas of subsea vessels. Applications include composite control surfaces, trim correction buoyancy, and acoustic windows.

The TG materials can also be used to increase buoyancy in ROVs, AUVs and HOVs. The buoyancy materials can be readily shaped, as they are lightweight and robust. They have good resistance to seawater incursion and energy absorption to support the fabrication of durable composite panels for use in ships and marine barriers.

The low-thermal conductivity and dielectric strength that characterise glass-based syntactic also make the products ideal for use in electronic signal potting systems. The TG series materials are zero-magnetic and have seawater-comparable acoustic signatures.

Trelleborg’s Linksyn® is used to protect flexible cables from over bending and buckling during their installation or operation. Linksyn® is lightweight, durable and easy install.

Trelleborg’s Elastoshield™ protects and extends the service life of electric cables and hoses in case of a fire. It is a corrosion-resistant, robust and rugged design, which gives additional protection against mechanical damage.

In an emergency, it is paramount that the deluge system delivers water where it is needed at the correct pressure, no matter what the situation is. Trelleborg Elastopipe™ is a corrosion-free, explosion, impact and jet fire-resistant flexible piping system, which requires no heat-treatment.

Protecting people, structures and equipment from all types of fire in extreme environments is paramount to ensuring on-board safety. Trelleborg’s certified rubber-based passive fire protection technology protects structures from chemicals, fires and corrosion.

The dampening, noise-reducing, flexible nature of Firestop™ protects equipment from vibrations, collisions and explosions. Firestop™ material is used in Vikodeck™, fire protection for lockers, inter-compartmental seals, and tailored solutions.