Trelleborg has a large portfolio of products that help to improve the signature of underwater platforms through the reduction of radiated noise and target strength.

The company’s core products are:

  • Tiles (anechoic and decoupling tiles, transmission loss, and decoupling materials)
  • Sonar materials (replaces glass reinforced plastic for sonar domes and windows)
  • RhoC materials (designed to match the impedance and speed of sound in sea water)
  • Damping materials and encapsulation systems (large and small-scale encapsulation of arrays with controlled exotherm)

Trelleborg’s INTEK® is a premium range of lightweight thermal and acoustic insulation solutions. In addition to providing superior acoustic absorption and thermal performance, it is fire-resistant, has a wide temperature operating range, has extremely low smoke and toxicity emissions, is quick and easy to install, and compatible with most adhesives.

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