Trelleborg - Anti-Vibration

Trelleborg’s broad range of anti-vibration mounts are produced using carefully selected resources and expert knowledge in polymer engineering.

They have been carefully designed to remove unwanted vibration and noise for key industries across the globe. With over 100 years’ experience in delivering the highest quality products to the market, you can be confident that we’ll deliver a solution that you can rely on.

The significant rubber volume of the D-series mount ensures a high-degree of insulation against low-frequency vibrations. Differing stiffness rates in the two horizontal modes enables suspension characteristics to be optimised by appropriate orientation of the mountings.

The mountings can be used in conjunction with additional bonded rubber buffers to limit the movement of suspended equipment under shock loading. These mountings operate at a nominal static deflection of 23mm and can accommodate up to 50mm shock excursions in any direction. Special variants of the Super D mountings can accommodate up to 70mm shock displacement in vertical direction.

Parts can be supplied to meet naval specification requirements and with plain flanges to allow drilling customisation by the customer.

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