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Beadwindow has an international reputation as an established provider of bespoke solutions that meet the specific operational needs of naval personnel in an ever-changing world. Beadwindow’s mission is to provide professional services that make operations easier for at-sea servicemen.

Supporting naval personnel through capability development and programme implementation

The wealth of knowledge a warfighter can bring to any naval capability development, acquisition, and sustainment programme simply cannot be underestimated. Their involvement should be sought and their perspective is crucial, because they will be the ones who have deal with the results first-hand.

We know that no-one is more knowledgeable or aware of circumstances or requirements on the frontline than the warfighter. When new combat systems or naval shipbuilding programmes are introduced without speaking to naval personnel, they get justifiably irritated.

That’s where we step in. We advocate the seagoing warfighter, without any interference from rank, process or politicians.

A basic level of training is no good for the naval warfighter, we ensure that personnel are trained comprehensively so that they can succeed in whatever operational situation they find themselves in. Wikimedia Commons / Open Government Licence / Alamy / iStockphoto / Dmitry Shulgin.
We actively consult and engage with frontline naval personnel to ensure that their operational requirements are not just met, but regularly surpassed. Wikimedia Commons / Open Government Licence / Alamy / iStockphoto / Dmitry Shulgin.
Our objective is to make life easier for naval warfighters, helping ensure that they can focus on the task in front of them. Wikimedia Commons / Open Government Licence / Alamy / iStockphoto / Dmitry Shulgin.
We have extensive experience throughout the full spectrum of naval combat and peacetime activities. Wikimedia Commons / Open Government Licence / Alamy / iStockphoto / Dmitry Shulgin.
Many of our staff have experience of warship combat systems. Wikimedia Commons / Open Government Licence / Alamy / iStockphoto / Dmitry Shulgin.

Ensuring naval personnel input in systems development

The company consults warfighting sailors and officers to tailor its services to focus on their specialist needs in the three key areas of operations, sustainment and training.

  1. Operations. Ensuring the voices of naval personnel are heard and understood by those dealing in capability development and sustainment
  2. Sustainment. We make sure that combat systems are maintained and sustained to the high standards necessary for seagoing warfighters
  3. Training. We help ensure implementation of strategies for learning and development that optimise personnel capabilities and use of combat systems

Our extensive experience of at-sea and land-based protocols enables us to help clients succeed in areas that include:

  • C4I systems operations across the detect-to-engage sequence
  • Naval and joint operations planning and conduct
  • Defence maritime capability development documentation
  • Defence maritime system sustainment practice and project engineering
  • The systems-based approach to defence learning and training system
  • Defence procurement, tendering and deal negotiation behaviours

Comprehensive naval combat training services

When it comes to training for naval combat systems, ‘adequate’ is insufficient. Our services guarantee that naval personnel receive the comprehensive training they need to achieve full combat system capability and know what to do in the unpredictable environments encountered at-sea.

Training expertise includes:

  • Defence industry customer familiarisation
  • Naval combat system fundamentals
  • Above surface / underwater warfare operational impact courses
  • Equipment application and conversion training courses

Recruitment of staff with naval experience

We recruit commercially astute staff with particular skills and experience in the deployment, use and sustainment of warship combat systems.

Operational experience is drawn from service across Asia, the Asia-Pacific, the Indian Ocean and Middle East. We are well-versed in sea combat and peacetime activities across the full spectrum of naval operations.

Our team has many varied vocational and university qualifications, including:

  • Naval information technologies
  • Weapons and ordnance engineering
  • Systems engineering
  • Hydrography and oceanography
  • Training and development
  • Commercial management
  • Project management
  • Law