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Helicopter Handling Systems, Hangars, Hangar Doors, Doors and Hatches

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Foerder – und Hebesysteme (FHS) provides helicopter handling systems, helicopter landing grids, naval doors, hatches, hangars, hangar doors as well as naval systems, naval equipment, naval cargo gear, naval cranes, wind and offshore technology.

We have 15 years of experience and specialist know-how of systems with complex electronic controls along with top-quality mechanical engineering. All products are designed and produced according to national and international rules and standards.

Helicopter handling systems

The helicopter lands on the helicopter deck, is automatically recognized, locked in place and taken to the hangar within minutes – even at sea state six, without a single man on deck.

  • The helicopter is and remains secured mechanically in only three minutes
  • Into or out of the hangar in less than nine minutes
  • Helicopter-landing within ± 20°
  • Optional minimal helicopter alterations – one additional ball axle per wheel
  • All wheel helicopters
  • Weapon-handling capability
  • Easy operation = short training
  • Low-maintenance

We supply helicopter handling systems with the following options:

German Frigate 124 with FHS helicopter handling system.
Our helicopter handling system fixes the main gear and our landing grid fixes the helicopter.
Reliable technology.
German support supply vessel EGV 702 with FHS hangar door.
We provide a comprehensive range of doors and hatches for the marine industry.
  • Image processing system
  • Detects the wheel’s ball axle, so that the manipulator can automatically drive to the wheel
  • Additional systems for fixing and handling
  • Systems for fixing the wheel or the ball-axle
  • For one or more hangars
  • Skid-helicopter solutions
  • Retrofit-systems

Helicopter landing grid

The harpoon-to-grid-system secures the helicopter to the deck within seconds. The main wheels can be towed out, allowing the aircraft to turn into the wind while the deck-lock harpoon remains engaged. No need for the ship to change course.  Our landing grids are built in accordance to STANAG 1276 HOS and demands of various helicopter types and their harpoons.

Hangars and hangar doors

Our telescopic FHS hangar automatically moves over the helicopter. We also offer a range of hangar door products from rolling gates to space-saving segment folding doors or sliding doors, ensuring a hangar can be closed quickly and reliably.

Characteristics of our hangar doors include:

  • Opening and closing within one minute
  • Made from plastics, composites, aluminum, hot zinced or stainless steel
  • Robust, rigid, tight, long lasting
  • Low opening and closing forces
  • Low operating noise
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Heat-insulated
  • Fire-resistant
  • Weatherproof
  • Shockproof BV0230
  • Vibration resistant BV0240
  • EMC and EMP protection BV0120
  • Optimized Radar Cross-Section
  • Emergency mode

Ship doors and hatches

We provide doors, fireproof doors, standard doors, yacht doors according to DIN EN ISO 6042, VG85169, VG85170, VG85170, A60 VG85170, IMO FTPC, DIN EN ISO 6042. Our hatches, standard hatches and yacht hatches are manufactured according to DIN 83404, VG85169, VG85170, VG85170, DIN 83404. Special doors and hatches can be designed according customer specification.

Versions include:

  • Materials: steel, stainless steel, aluminium, composites
  • Welded or screwed frame
  • Windows with blackout or storm blinds
  • Fixing or self-locking devices
  • Low opening and closing forces
  • Heat insulation or A60 fire protection
  • Watertight until 0.8 bar
  • Soundproof
  • Shockproof BV0430 and BV0230
  • Vibration resistant BV0440 and BV0240
  • EMC and EMP protection BV0120
  • Optimized radar cross-section

Design, prototyping services and quality

All services from initial design over prototyping or documentation through to maintenance. We are at your side on all continents with representatives, partners and service. At major locations across the globe who ensure direct contact with our customers. Our products have been ISO 9001 based for 15 years.


Up to now we have successful projects with shipyards and navies from Germany, Colombia, Oman, Taiwan, Turkey, Portugal and Italy, where we have supplied FHS Naval Technology for their frigates and corvettes, mine hunter vessels, patrol vessels and supply vessels. Currently we are working in projects with German, Asian, South American and European Navies, shipyards and companies.

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