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Larsen & Toubro

Interceptor Boats, Fast Patrol Vessels, Repairs and Shipyards

Larsen & Toubro (L&T) is India's leading private sector provider for the supply of defence vessels, equipment and systems, and has been involved with their development for more than 20 years.

TC-1 Building,
22 Mount Poonamalle High Road,
Tamil Nadu 600 125 India

TC-1 Building,
22 Mount Poonamalle High Road,
Tamil Nadu 600 125 India

KTP shipyard

Larsen & Toubro (L&T) is India’s leading private sector provider for the supply of defence vessels, equipment and systems, and has been involved with their development for more than 20 years.

Patrol Vessels, Equipment and Systems for the Naval Industry

The company is the largest supplier of patrol vessels to the Indian Coast Guard, currently designing and constructing 54 Fast Interceptor Boats and 07 Offshore Patrol vessels.

Interceptor boats for coastal defence, patrol and surveillance

Interceptor boats have been designed for coastal defence duties and to perform roles of day / night coastal patrolling and surveillance, including high-speed interception in anti-terrorist / anti-smuggling / light-intensity military operations and search-and-rescue operations.

The boat features an aluminium hull and is capable of a maximum sustainable speed of more than 40k at moderate sea conditions.

Principal parameters include:

  • Length overall: about 27m
  • Breadth max: 6.4m
  • Max speed: 45k
  • Cruising speed: 20k
  • Propulsion: twin diesel engines on twin water jets
  • Range: 500NM
  • Endurance: 24 hours, logistically sustainable for 72 hours
  • Crew: 13 with space for ten detainees / passengers

India’s first indigenously designed, high-speed, 27m interceptor vessel has been constructed with a carefully crafted hull form, combining high speed with good ride quality.

Several unique features set L&T’s interceptor boats well ahead of other designs in terms of its stability in high-speed turns, maneuverability, and seakeeping. The hull is constructed entirely of aluminium alloy to meet the vessel’s stringent weight budget.

High-speed patrol boats for Vietnam Border Guard

L&T has been allocated a major order from the Vietnam Border Guard for the design and construction of high-speed patrol boats in India, as well as the transfer of design and technology along with equipment supply and material kits for construction of follow-on vessels at Vietnam Shipyard.

The high-speed patrol boats are purpose-built for controlling and protecting sea security and sovereignty, detecting illegal activities such as smuggling, and undertaking search-and-rescue missions.

Constructed from aluminium alloy, the vessels will be equipped with state-of-the-art navigation and surveillance equipment and self-defence capabilities on board.

Fast patrol vessel (FPV) for coastal patrol and surveillance optimisation

With a length of approximately 46m, maximum speed of 33 knots and 8.5 beams, the fast patrol vessel is optimised for Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and coastal patrol, fisheries protection and monitoring, control and surveillance, anti-smuggling, search and rescue and anti-piracy, providing a communication link and escorting coastal convoys.

The design is completely in-house and can therefore be customised to specific customer requirements.
L&T has also developed designs for ASW Ships, Corvettes, other auxiliary naval vessels such as a cadet training vessel and hydrographic survey vessel, and offers a wide range of warships and submarines to suit user requirements.

Offshore patrol vessels (OPV) for Indian Coast Guard project

The contract from Indian Coast Guard to design and build seven offshore patrol vessels (OPVs) was awarded to L&T in 2015. The construction activities of the vessels are currently in progress.

OPVs under this project are long-range surface ships and their roles include coastal and offshore patrolling, policing maritime zones of India, control and surveillance, anti-smuggling and anti-piracy with limited wartime roles.

Their principal parameters are as follows:

Length (overall): 98.2m
Breadth (max): 14.7m
Max speed: 26k

Floating dock design and construction for the Indian Navy

L&T has received an order for the design and construction of a floating dock (FD) for the Indian Navy.

The scope of work involves the design, construction, trials, delivery and installation of the FD. It is expected to enhance the navy’s support infrastructure in terms of docking warships and submarines for repairs and refits.

Ship repair and conversion for commercial marine platforms

L&T performs ship repairs, refits and conversions for defence and commercial ships, as well as submarines and offshore platforms.
With well-equipped production shops, L&T Shipbuilding undertakes an array of repair jobs, including main engine overhaul, propeller repairs and hull treatment.

L&T continues to ensure a swift turnaround time and a high level of service procurement and clearance of both indigenous and imported spares.

The workforce is committed to meeting client expectations of fast delivery and high quality at reasonable costs.

Specialist shipyard building for defence vessels

L&T owns and operates two modern shipyards, one on the west coast of India at Hazira, near the city of Surat in Gujarat, and the other in Kattupalli, India, near the metropolitan city of Chennai.

Both shipyards are capable of building warships, submarines, auxiliary vessels and specialised commercial ships, and also comply with ISO 9001: 2015, Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Services (OHSAS) 18001: 2007 and ISO 14001: 2004 standards.

The Kattupalli facility is spread across a total area of 1,225 acres, with the waterfront of 2.2km and depth up to 16m with facilities of ship lift, wet berths and dry berths, workshops and warehouses specially designed for modular construction.

The Hazira shipyard can build sophisticated and mid-sized low-draft ships up to 20,000t deadweight capacity and 160m in length.

About L&T

Larsen & Toubro (L&T) is an Indian multinational that specialises in technology, engineering, construction, shipbuilding and financial services.

The conglomerate has a global presence with a wide network of offices and collaborates with leading international majors.

A strong customer-focused approach and the constant quest for top-class quality have enabled L&T to attain and sustain leadership in its major lines of business for more than seven decades.

Defence Shipbuilding End-to-End Solutions

L&T's Kattupalli shipyard has the capability and capacity to undertake refit, repair and mid-life upgrade of warships, submarines and auxiliary vessels.

Larsen & Toubro Limited

TC-1 Building

22 Mount Poonamalle High Road



Tamil Nadu 600 125