KONGSBERG has developed and manufactured Combat Management Systems (CMS) since the late 1960s. Today, our systems feature state-of-the-art technologies based on our vast experience, customer responses and continuous R&D.

KONGSBERG takes full system responsibility, thus reducing the customer’s risk. Our basic philosophy is to integrate the sensors and weapons selected by the customer. KONGSBERG takes pride in its international-calibre target motion analysis algorithms for active and passive sonar tracking. Our core competencies include open-system architecture solutions and Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) technologies.


In today’s world, terrorism presents an extreme threat to military and commercial vessels alike. This has created a demand for effective vessel self-protection systems.

KONGSBERG has developed a Ship Self-Protection System (SSPS) to counter such threats. Our system concept is scalable, from the stand-alone Sea PROTECTOR to a fully integrated solution with the vessel’s combat management system. The main purpose is protection of the vessel and its assets against asymmetric threats from above and below the sea surface, at closer range than is supported by the vessel’s standard sensors and weapons.

The SSPS concept is scalable, from a stand-alone Sea PROTECTOR, to a fully integrated solution with the vessel's combat management system.
A Sea PROTECTOR onboard a NorwegianHome Guard vessel (vessels engaged in maritime surveillance,control of shipping, surveillance and protection).
KONGSBERG has delivered the tactical bridgesystem to the RNoN's Skjold class fast patrol boats (vessels capable of speeds up to 60 knots)
As part of the C'Scope UPS, the LASAR range of sonars provide unique capabilities for detection of divers and diver delivery vehicles.
A C'Inspector with side-scan sonar for seabed and ship hull inspection.


Sea PROTECTOR offers unique operational capabilities for countering asymmetric threats and enhances overall vessel protection in the face of terrorism. Sea PROTECTOR is a fully stabilised, remotely controlled weapon-station for small-calibre weapons and missiles, based on the very successful army version of PROTECTOR.

Sea PROTECTOR has exceptional capabilities for harbour defence and is well suited for naval vessels and patrol craft of all types and classes.


KONGSBERG’s Tactical Bridge System (TBS), features an integrated solution designed to support the navigator in all phases of vessel operation, using workstations optimised for the bridge environment.

The tactical bridge system supports all navigation functions required by naval vessels, e.g. ARPA, (W)ECDIS and (W)AIS. In addition, the system provides combat system functionality, enabling wheelhouse operation of vessel self-defence and helicopter control.

The system is interfaced with a variety of sub-systems, e.g. tactical data links, helicopter control system and vessel self-defence weapons. This unique combination supports lean manning and eliminates the need for a separate CIC on logistic support or utility vessels.


KONGSBERG’s underwater protection system is part of the C-Scope family of high performance maritime, land and air-domain awareness products for ports, coastal authorities, offshore companies, national security, and joint military organisations. The system is available as a permanent installation or a mobile system.

Long-range sonar, diver-detection sonar, remotely operated vehicles and countermeasures are all integral parts of a complete underwater protection system. The system features comprehensive data reduction to reduce the false-alarm rate, taking into account sensor overlap and geographical constraints.

Radar and electro / optical sensors are integrated to support the automatic data-reduction process to mitigate operator workload.


C’Inspector is a flexible, low-cost and efficient multi-purpose Unmanned Undersea Vehicle (UUV). With standard sensor-configuration it can be used for inspection, interactive threat identification and interception. The vehicle can be equipped with different sensors to cover a wide range of missions.

The vehicle has a modular design which makes the system flexible and easy to maintain and moves fast through the water carrying its own energy source. It is controlled by a portable or fixed operator-station. Only a thin optical-fibre connects the vehicle with the operator station. The fibre cable can be expendable or reusable and more than 4,000m in length.