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Diver Tracking and Monitoring Systems

Diver DACAD Systems develops advanced data acquisition solutions for the naval industry.

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Diver DACAD™ Systems develops advanced diver data acquisition solutions for the naval industry.

Innovative diver monitoring and tracking system

Diver DACAD™ Systems has developed a cutting-edge solution that enables users to keep track of divers, as well as monitor parameters such as range, depth, and bearing. The primary function of the Diver DACAD™ system is diver operational safety.

The Diver DACAD™ (Data Acquisition Communication and Display) System accurately locates divers within a range of up to 2km, providing enhanced operational safety during missions.

The Diver DACAD System is a data acquisition communication and display system for the naval industry.
The Diver DACAD System can accurately locate divers within 2km.
The DACAD System provides information on a diver’s range, depth, and bearing.
The DACAD System can monitor a diver’s heart rate, as well as the temperature of the water.
A high-quality transducer is included with the DACAD System.

The system can also provide vital information such as dive time, depth, water temperature, diver’s heart rate, as well as various air and gas pressures.

User-friendly data acquisition system for naval applications

The DACAD™ System features a user-friendly interface that incorporates full 3D tracking, simultaneously providing information on up to 12 divers at any one time.

It works by transmitting data from a modem located on the diver to a receiving unit on the surface. The data is then sent wirelessly to a monitoring computer, which displays and records the information and allows full 3D tracking of the divers.

This provides users of the DACAD™ System with full situational awareness capabilities, enabling them to monitor the movements and dive information of all divers in real-time and intervene if required.

Portable, multi-configuration system to monitor diving operations

The DACAD™ System has been designed by divers for divers ensuring portability and autonomous use and contains all the functions required to monitor up to twelve divers at a time.

The system is packed into two custom rugged waterproof Pelican Storm cases. It is available in configurations for two, four, six and eight divers.

High-quality equipment to ensure operational reliability

Equipment supplied with the DACAD™ System includes a ruggedized tablet computer and monitoring software, Topside transducer, Topside power module, and a tablet power supply.

Six diver-side modems, high-pressure transmitters, and cylinder mounts are supplied as part of the diver equipment package.

A portable battery, chargers, tools, and a spares kit is also provided.

About Nautech Electronics

Diver DACAD™ Systems’ products are manufactured by Nautech Electronics at a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Auckland, New Zealand.

Nautech Electronics was established in 1989 and has since grown to become one of New Zealand’s leading providers of electronics, electro-mechanical assemblies, and turnkey solutions.

The company is highly experienced in providing design, test and evaluation services and is involved in all stages of the development process, from prototype and production to installation and commissioning.

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