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Water Treatment Systems for Naval Ships, Submarines and Bases

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Since 1990, Salt Separation Services has been successfully designing and manufacturing seawater reverse osmosis (RO) desalination systems (‘water-makers’) and other water treatment equipment for use on-board naval vessels throughout the world.

An example of our continuing success was the recent award of a nine year through-life support contract from the UK Royal Navy to support water treatment equipment throughout their fleet.

With a high degree of expertise in the marine industry and our own in-house engineering, fabrication, assembly and test facilities, we are able to offer high specification water treatment solutions and after-sales service.

Seawater desalination systems

Salt Separation Services’ seawater RO desalination systems are available in a wide range of capacities and can be custom-built to any required capacity.

7.2m³/d RO plant (non-magnetic) as fitted on MCMV class mine-hunters.
175m³/d RO plant installed on the CVF (Queen Elizabeth) class aircraft carriers.
150m³/d RO plant installed on the CVS (Invincible) class aircraft carriers to replace an evaporator.
50m³/h fresh water embarkation filtration package for the CVF (Queen Elizabeth) class aircraft carriers.
Duplex 40m³/d RO plants currently being retrofitted to all RN Type 23 frigates.

Over 100 of our RO plants are operational on naval vessels, with many more on cruise ships and offshore installations.

In 2008 we were awarded a contract to supply six 175m³/d RO desalination plants for the CVF aircraft carriers HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales. These will be the largest and most powerful surface warships ever constructed for the Royal Navy and Salt Separation Services is very proud to be involved with this prestigious project.

Our work scope covered the design, manufacture and commissioning of RO plants for both fresh water production and for production of technical water. In addition, chlorine dosing equipment and embarked water filtration were provided.

We have also manufactured in excess of 20 RO plants with a low magnetic signature for use on mine-hunting vessels.

Water production equipment for warships

With our highly skilled in-house team, we are able to engineer packages for retrofitting into existing ships, either to replace older equipment or to supplement existing fresh water production equipment.

Our engineers are available to carry out surveys of any manufacturer’s plants, which may be proving unreliable and expensive to run. Once the survey has been completed we would issue a detailed report advising the best way to improve reliability and performance. In most instances we can upgrade units utilising much of the existing equipment, keeping costs down and in some cases minimising disruption to the operation of the warship.

Refurbishment and upgrade of reverse osmosis plants

Salt Separation Services specialises in refurbishing and/or upgrading RO plants to bring them to an ‘as-new’ condition and/or to improve performance, reliability, energy efficiency, etc.

This can be carried out during refit and maintenance periods and can even be carried out at sea. We have a wealth of experience in upgrading plants manufactured by others.

Maintenance and support for desalination systems

We are able to offer short or long-term support and maintenance contracts, tailored to suit a client’s specific requirements.

In February 2008, we were awarded a nine year through-life support contract with the UK MoD. The scope of work includes:

  • Provision of a project management service throughout the whole life of the contract
  • Provision of spares and consumables to meet all availability targets
  • Repair/refurbishment of RO and other water treatment plant and equipment, sub-assemblies and components
  • Provision of rapid reactive engineering support capability, including offsite/dockside support and on-board repair and maintenance services
  • Post design service, including defective investigation and modifications
  • Obsolescence management

Water treatment equipment services

Our service and commissioning engineers have the skills to operate, service and maintain your water treatment equipment and as part of the service contract they will provide a full service to any type of plant, including investigation and reporting on defects, fault-finding and repair.

Maintenance training for ships crew

Our team of highly qualified service/commissioning engineers is available to undertake operator training and give instructions on preventative maintenance to ships’ staff, thereby ensuring the plants are operated correctly with the minimal amount of downtime. This can be carried out on-board ship or at the customer’s place of work. We also hold training courses at our Rochdale facility.

Reverse osmosis plant spares, consumables and tools

Salt Separation Services is your one-stop shop for all your RO plant spares and consumables needs. We supply from stock a full range of cleaning chemicals, antiscalant and dosing chemicals, replacement filter elements, and a wide range of RO membrane elements. We also have a range of special tools designed specifically for RO plant maintenance.

Additional water treatment services

Additional water treatment processes can be undertaken by Salt Separation Services. These include potable water re-mineralisation (re-hardening), potable water chlorination, water quality monitoring (including latest generation solid state water quality parameter monitoring and recording), to name a few. 

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