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Aeronautical & General Instruments

Electromechanical, Electronic and Electro-Optic Naval Systems

Fleets Point, Willis Way,
BH15 3SS,
United Kingdom

Fleets Point, Willis Way,
BH15 3SS,
United Kingdom

Aeronautical and General Instruments Limited (AGI) is an established independent British company manufacturing a range of defence, civil and industrial equipment for the UK and overseas markets. Since its foundation in 1915, AGI has built up a reputation for high quality, well engineered products, which employ electromechanical, electronic and electro-optic technologies.


AGIMET is a meteorological measurement system designed for naval ships, which employs the latest proven and in-service solid-state meteorological sensor technology. These sensors provide accurate and reliable measurement of wind speed and direction, air temperature, air pressure, relative humidity, sea temperature and other local environmental parameters, resulting in very low cost of ownership.

The equipment is suitable for all classes of ship as the main ship’s wind sensors, or for localised flight deck measurements. In addition to our full military standard meteorological system, AGI also offers a marine commercial standard system.


Designed and manufactured to full military standards, the AGILOG system was developed for use on surface warships and submarines. AGILOG sets the standard for accurate and reliable measurement of ship’s speed through the water, an essential element in navigation and weapons system integration.

AGILOG’s international reputation stems from over 40 years of experience by AGI in the design and manufacture of ship’s log systems for the British Royal Navy and over 40 other navies worldwide. This system covers all classes of vessels from nuclear and conventional submarines, aircraft carriers and frigates, to fast patrol boats, mine-hunters and fleet support ships.

AGILOG was developed in co-operation with the British Ministry of Defence and is typical of design and development projects undertaken by AGI for private, public and military sectors of industry.


Modern COTS equipment qualified to naval military standards, the digital Moriah Wind System (MWS) has been developed to replace the Type F Windbird sensors, data distribution equipment, and displays on all classes of US naval ships, enabling accurate wind information to be displayed in the same format throughout the fleet.

MORIAH is a solid-state system with no moving parts, so providing a highly accurate, reliable and low cost of ownership system, which is ideal for supporting ship based aviation activities. The system comprises of one to five solid state wind sensors, dual redundant processor unit, and a range of multi-function colour displays. In addition full meteorological capability can be achieved with the inclusion of air temperature and humidity, air pressure and sea temperature sensors.

Based on AGI’s AGIMET system, the MORIAH system has been expanded to provide greater capability for data distribution, alleviating the need for dedicated re-transmission units. The design is highly modular and has spare capacity for plug-in RS422 modules, LAN modules and synchro modules, together with spare memory and processor power, which allows for future system expansion, upgrades and refits.


The AGI solid-state display range has been developed to provide a remote display of a wide range of data. Initially designed and manufactured to military standards, for use in the defence environment, COTS versions are also available for civil applications and have a proven ability to withstand the rigours of in-service life. The fully solid-state design ensures the units are free from the inherent disadvantages of electromechanical devices, making them particularly suitable where ruggedness and reliability are a major criteria.


AGI’s HELIVAS Helicopter Visual Approach System is widely recognised as the most advanced suite of visual landing aids available today. Developed to meet an exacting UK Ministry of Defence specification. HELIVAS ensures an operational performance considered to exceed by far the performance available from any other visual approach system. HELIVAS comprises a Stabilised Glide Slope Indicator (SGSI), Stabilised Horizon Reference System (SHRS), LED deck edge lighting and other visual landing aids including – but not limited to – floodlights, homing beacons, wave-off lights and stop / go lights.

Stan Patrol 6211 Inshore Patrol Vessel

Stan Patrol 6211 is a new inshore patrol vessel (IPV) being offered by Damen Shipyards Group to meet the challenging requirements of maritime patrol missions.

An-148-300MP Maritime Patrol Aircraft

An-148-300MP is a twin-engine maritime patrol aircraft being developed by Antonov, a state-owned aerospace and defence company headquartered in Kiev, Ukraine.

Vulcanair P68 Observer 2 Aircraft

P68 Observer 2 is a twin-engine, observation and patrol aircraft produced by Vulcanair Aircraft that can also be configured to serve a range of special mission applications.

Visit AGI at DSEi 2013

Aeronautical and General Instruments Ltd. and Metalite Aviation Lighting are delighted to be exhibiting again this year at DSEI, the world's largest fully integrated defence and security exhibition.

Aeronautical & General Instruments Exhibit at DSEi 2007

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Aeronautical & General Instruments Ltd.

Fleets Point, Willis Way


BH15 3SS



United Kingdom