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Advanced Radar Processing Systems

Get the complete picture with advanced radar processing solutions for coastal surveillance or port security from SSR.

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Get the complete picture with advanced radar processing solutions for coastal surveillance or port security from SSR. Our technology enables complete sensor fusion with radars (both marine and perimeter), AIS / national AIS, cameras, sonar, IFF, ELINT and other sensors — in the most versatile solution available. You can use your existing equipment and just add the SSR boxes you need, or use SSR solutions to build a coastal surveillance system, a new port security system, or a new VTS solution.

Intelligent surveillance and reconnaissance systems

Our next-generation technology expands intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities by enabling you to remotely monitor and control your radars and cameras from anywhere in the world. SSR allows you to put equipment where you need it most and people where they can do the best job and be cost effective — improving detection, identification and other aspects of maritime domain awareness (MDA) for security, surveillance, defense and related applications.

Proven, scalable radar processing solutions

SSR is the leading US supplier of VTS and coastal surveillance equipment, with over 600 active locations across four continents. Our system architecture is flexible, scalable and commercial off-the-shelf based. Our products are used in systems designed for vessel tracking system, port security systems, range safety, waterways and offshore platforms, as well as security for high-risk facilities.

An SSR solution can range from a stand-alone system to a multi-tier system with a large number of remote radars, radar processors, system trackers, cameras, AIS and other devices—all of which connect over a standard network. SSR solutions use common commercial radars such as Raytheon, Sperry, Terma and Furuno. In addition to commercial radars, SSR Engineering has solutions for most of the Military’s shipboard and IFF radars.

SSR provides surveillance system solutions designed specifically for your specific needs.
The radar display offers easy to use options to customize radar return displays for recognizing the difference between small skiffs to the largest of vessels.
The SSR system allows the operator to simply draw one or multiple alarm zones to monitor sensitive areas.
Online support 24/7: provides a library of tips, manuals, operation videos and system upgrades to its customers to make the most of our security solution.
Integrating video surveillance into the SSR security solution makes it a powerful tool to also track targets visually in the same operator display.

High-performance radar systems

SSR was founded in 1999 by senior radar system and software engineers from Hughes Aircraft. While at Hughes Aircraft, the group worked on surface search radars such as the AN/SPS-73, for the United States Coast Guard (USCG) and the United States Navy (USN).

SSR brings over 150 years of experience to the development of high-performance radar systems implemented on commercial off-the shelf (COTS) hardware. SSR has engineered international security installation solutions that are used by, but not limited to, the Department of Homeland Security, the United States Navy, the United States Coast Guard and to foreign entities in China, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Middle East and Africa.

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