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Ultra-Filtration Membrane Units

ACO Marine was formed in 2006 as a dedicated division of Germany’s ACO Group, a multi-national world leader in surface drainage systems with an annual turnover approaching US$1bn.

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ACO Marine was formed in 2006 as a dedicated division of Germany’s ACO Group, a multi-national world leader in surface drainage systems with an annual turnover approaching $1bn.

Black and greywater bioreactor solution for the marine industry

Tough new IMO sewage standards in force have prompted a growing interest in an advanced black and greywater bioreactor solution from ACO Marine.

The company’s type-approved Maripur range of compact, automated, low-pressure, ultra-filtration membrane units removes the need for more costly, heavier and larger alternatives and marks a future-proofed step change in treatment technology, far exceeding the revised Marpol Annex IV guidelines adopted under IMO resolution MEPC 159 (55).

Compact, automated, low pressure, ultra-filtration membrane units

From 1 January 2010, the revised Marpol Annex IV guidelines applies to sewage plants installed on all ships of 400 GRT and above, as well as smaller vessels certified to carry more than 15 people.

ACO Maripur 100 wastewater treatment plant.
ACO Marine Scuppers 2.
Aida grease separator.
Stainless-steel wastewater collecting tank.
ACO Pipe stainless-steel pushfit pipe system.

Using high concentrations of activated sludge, Maripur offers certified test values of 9n/100ml for coliform bacteria against the MEPC 159 (55) limit of 100n/100ml; 2mg/l for total suspended solids (35mg/l); 3mg/l for BOD5 (25mg/l); and 45mg/l for COD (125mg/l).

Maripur pH levels range from 6.3 to 8.3 (6 to 8.5) and chlorine, limited to 0.5mg/l under the resolution, is not used at all.

"We’ve had advanced solutions for some time but previously the only market that required membrane technology was the cruise sector, especially in environmentally sensitive areas such as Alaska," said managing director Mark Beavis. "Now the legislation has changed and justifies the additional investment.

"Some alternatives may be cheaper to buy but they need to use expensive chemicals that must be constantly replaced. Initial price is only part of the ultimate cost – it’s not the cheapest if it fails to perform or costs more to operate."

Surface drainage systems and grease separators

The group entered the marine industry ten years ago with a range of grease separators that has claimed a 75% share of the cruise market. With other products such as bespoke piping systems, tanks and scupper / channel drainage components, ACO Marine is now the only supplier able to provide complete turnkey new-build and retrofit wastewater solutions for all ship types and marine structures.

The company is poised to extend its cruise and passenger ship capability by introducing higher capacities in the Maripur range – developed as a modular system of seven nominal sizes from 25 to 250-man – that could accommodate cruise ships carrying up to 4,000 passengers and crew.

Type-approved surface drainage systems

All ACO Marine products are manufactured at wholly-owned plants in Germany or at its headquarters in the Czech Republic. They are recognised and type-approved by leading test establishments and ship registers worldwide.

ACO Marine references

ACO Marine references include complete wastewater treatment systems for the UK, French, Russian and Dutch navies, a range of mega-yachts and specialist commercial vessels.

The company also provided grease separation systems on the six AIDA-class cruise ships and the Challenger series built by Mayer Werft Papenburg; and pipework for P&O Ferries upgrades and the five Emma Maersk-class container ships built by Odense Steel Shipyard.

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