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Unbreakable Encryption Systems

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mils electronic develops and sells highly secure email, data and network encryption systems. This is guaranteed through the implementation of the practically and even theoretically unbreakable one time pad encryption method in the encryption systems of mils electronic.

When searching for message encryption systems, the customer can choose appropriate products from the secure messaging solutions of mils electronic. Here, mils electronic offers MilsMessage (complete cipher station), MilsMail (encryption plug-in for MS Outlook) and MilsCourier (secure file exchange). Additionally mils electronic provides secure VPN solutions represented by MilsVPN.

Located in Austria, mils electronic has been a highly respected adviser and supplier to clients in more than 50 countries around the world for over 60 years. Diplomatic services, military commands, presidencies, ministries, intelligence services and law enforcement agencies trust the absolute security of mils electronic products.

Customers all over the world appreciate mils electronic for the following qualities:

Secure Messaging Solutions - real end-to-end security for top-secret messaging between standard PCs.
MilsCard – USB – a tamper proof hardware cryptographic security module.
MilsVPN - a top-secure VPN – Firewall appliance for site-2-site communications.
  • mils electronic products provide top-level security. They are reliable and simple to use
  • mils electronic optimizes its products to meet each customer’s specific needs rather than just selling off-the-shelf merchandise
  • mils electronic provides customer support and consultations for the entire life of the product

One Time Pad – the secure method of encrypting secret messages

The One Time Pad method – the only way to give your sensitive data absolute security – has been employed by mils electronic as an option in all of its different encryption systems. No matter which crypto-analytical tool is used and how much time is spent, this cipher system cannot be broken by any hacker in the world.

MilsCard tamper proof hardware security module

An integral part of our Secure Messaging Solutions and our VPN devices is the MilsCard. It is available as USB 2.0 interface. It provides the secure storage of cryptographic keys and the execution of algorithms in a protected environment. By incorporating also a true random noise source it completes the demand for a top-secure system.

Secure messaging solutions

mils electronic is ready to provide it’s customers with a comprehensive range of secure IP communication-centered solutions that additionally support other telecommunication services as backup.

MilsMachine top-security messaging terminal

The MilsMachine represents a top-secure messaging terminal for tough operating environments. It a offers perfectly protected exchange of messages in various communication networks. For the encryption of messages, the hardened operating system of the MilsMachine is extended by MilsMessage – our all-embracing cipher solution.

MilsMessage cipher station

MilsMessage can be considered as a proprietary cipher station for Windows personal computers. It offers a set of security, transmission and management functions which makes it a complete and top-secure messaging product for government applications. MilsMessage offers:

  • Comprehensive message management functions by providing automatically encrypted folders and encrypted message archives
  • Transmission via any SMTP / POP3 based email system (private or public)
  • The use of alternative message transmission services such as HF-Radio, PSTN / ISDN dial-up connections, GSM / Satellite services

MilsMail security plug-in

MilsMail is a security plug-in for the Microsoft Outlook email client. It provides encrypted email exchange of highest security level while working in the familiar Outlook environment.

MilsCourier secure file exchange

MilsCourier is an application used for secure file exchange. It can be applied for encryption and decryption of single files or entire folders on local or remote storage devices, as well as for the output of the same to email or file destinations.

Virtual private networks

mils electronic offers a range of VPN equipment for secure site-2-site and client-2-site communications. The MilsGate appliances are state-of-the-art and offer VPN and Firewall services in one. The MilsGates derive its cryptographic keys for VPN from the associated MilsCard – our hardware security module, which provides truly random keys. The MilsVPN solution is managed by the MilsManagement Center, which represents currently the best VPN, Firewall management in the market.

Custom solutions

Designing tailor-made solutions for specific problems and fulfilling special requests are integral parts of mils electronics’ service.

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