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Transhield is the leading provider of anti-corrosion protective cover solutions to commercial, industrial and military markets. Proven and effective on a wide variety of military vehicles and equipment, Transhield’s advanced protective cover technology provides excellent protection for naval weapons systems, crew served weapons and other topside assets that are expensive and difficult to maintain. In 2013, after a year of testing by the Naval Research Lab and extensive at-sea shipboard evaluation, the Naval Sea Systems Command approved our latest technology, Armordillo, for use on surface combatant vessels.

Our solutions span the complete continuum of desired protection, from day-to-day use to long-term storage. Using patented technologies that are continuously improving, they provide users with effective and affordable solutions for equipment protection in support of the warfighter in today’s environment of declining budgets and manpower.

Our covers are durable, waterproof, breathable, lightweight, easy to install and, most importantly, affordable. Our covers contain a unique technology that reduces corrosion by 85% – 95% while protecting equipment from the ravages of environmental factors such as UV rays, sand, dust, rain, snow, humidity and condensation.

Anti-corrosion protective covers

Vinyl and canvas tarps used to be the standard when attempting to protect military vehicles and equipment. Though they were lightweight and may have kept some rain or snow away from the vehicles, overall they proved to not be very durable and often trapped moisture beneath them. This caused a ‘greenhouse effect’ and exacerbated corrosion and degradation problems.

Single M240 cover.
MK-38 MOD 2 cover.
CIWS 1B cover.
Single .50 cal cover.
UNREP fuel receiver cover.

The subsequent iteration of military protective covers was a definite movement in the right direction. They were reusable, more durable and provided breathability and anti-corrosion capability through the use of vapor corrosion inhibitors (VCIs). However, in most cases they proved to be very heavy, difficult to install, and often retained an excessive amount of moisture, degrading their effectiveness and further adding to the difficulty in handling.

Transhield provides the next and latest generation in military protective covers. They combine the lightweight, ease of use characteristics of classic vinyl and tarp covers, with the durability, breathability, and corrosion reduction capabilities of VCI products.

Military protective covers for harsh environments

Transhield provides three patented technologies to the military that span the continuum of desired protection from extremely long-term storage to the harsh environments found at sea, in excessively humid tropical areas, or in sun drenched, windswept, arid desert climes:

  • Armordillo: recently developed as the most durable, heavy-duty fabric specifically designed for the harsh environment at sea, Armordillo covers are custom fit for everyday use on a variety of naval weapons systems, crew served weapons and topside assets. It is more breathable and provides even better VCI penetration
  • Transhield XT: this is a custom fit, reusable cover that is the preferred product of the operating ground forces. It can be easily stored away for times when access to the equipment is needed on a periodic basis. The cover is breathable, durable, waterproof, affordable and has VCI for corrosion reduction
  • Transhield VCI shrinkable fabric: a low cost, durable, breathable, and shrinkable fabric. Perfect for shipping or long-term storage situations where access to equipment is not required during the storage or shipping period

Custom military vehicle covers

Transhield has been providing products to the US military since 2001. Focusing primarily on the USMC and the US Army ground-based equipment market, Transhield quickly became known as the only company that could provide anti-corrosion protective covers that were custom-fit, lightweight and easy to install.

Transhield’s military presence has grown rapidly, to the point where we have been chosen as the ‘preferred’ cover by the USMC Corrosion Protection and Control Program Office. Over the last four years we have delivered more than 20,000 custom-fit anti-corrosion covers to the USMC and US Army. In 2013, the US Navy approved Transhield Armordillo for use aboard navy ships.

Transhield protective covers can be purchased through our GSA Schedule GS-02F-0103R. Covers may also be procured via DoD Emall through our distribution partners. We also have an expanding repertoire of NSNs which allow for easier procurement through GSA. For up-to-date info on our NSNs please contact us or visit our website. We are continuously undertaking new designs as our numerous customers identify more equipment that can benefit from the advantages of Transhield technology.

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