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The world’s top nuclear submarines

Interest in nuclear submarines has once again stormed to the forefront as India’s first indigenously developed submarine completes its first deterrence patrol and the UK awards contracts for a new class. profiles the world’s leading nuclear submarines.

At-sea simulation strategies

Tasked with saving the lives of other crew, gunners require supreme maritime marksmanship honed by hours of training. Combining an authentic weapon with an immersive, 180-degree screen, NSC hopes to offer just that – training with a new at-sea simulation strategy.

May’s top stories: Syria armed and South Korea watchful

Russia delivered advanced anti-ship and air missiles to Syria as violence in the country continued to flare, while South Korea will seek 20 new maritime patrol aircraft to keep an eye on North Korean rocket launches. wraps up the key headlines from May 2013.

April’s top stories: Abraham Lincoln set for overhaul, surveillance jellyfish tested

The US Navy underpinned its modernisation efforts as the Nimitz-Class nuclear-powered aircraft carrier was booked in for an overhaul, while robotic jellyfish used for surveillance were tested. wraps up the key headlines from April 2013.

Naval capabilities on the Korean Peninsula

Antagonistic rhetoric from North Korea has plunged relations on the Korean Peninsula to new depths in recent weeks. With the US assessing the missile threat to be very real, what are the naval capabilities of neighbouring regions?

March’s top stories: further littoral boosts and Queen Elizabeth milestones

The US Navy ignored mounting scepticism regarding its Littoral Combat Ships’ efficacy to order further vessels, while the UK Royal Navy’s new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth celebrated a major milestone in her construction. wraps up key headlines from March 2013.

February’s top stories: China’s Navy boosted and UK carrier edges closer

China boosted its naval capabilities with the delivery of its first Jiangdao-Class corvette, while the UK Royal Navy’s Queen Elizabeth-Class carrier programme inched closer as BAE shipped its Forward Island section. wraps up the top stories from February 2013.

January’s top stories: Yury Dolgoruky in service and Asia-Pacific disputes

Russia’s first Borey-Class ballistic missile nuclear submarine, Yury Dolgoruky, entered operational service, while Asia-Pacific territorial disputes continued to escalate, with China boosting its naval capabilities in the region. wraps up the key headlines from January 2013.

A tall ask for small naval craft

Naval fleets, dwindling in size, are now expected to tick a number of capability boxes. A notable rush to equip smaller vessels with a burgeoning array of weapons has been identified, as navies find themselves faced with the task of tackling pirate skiffs and retrofitted speedboats.

Engine revolution – powering the next generation of naval vessels

Gas turbine engines currently make up an indispensible element of the US Navy’s propulsion needs, but a new generation of rotational detonating engines (RDEs) may be key to achieving sorely needed energy cuts. Dr Gareth Evans reports.