Navantia represents advancement, naval activity and modernity, but also inherits more than 250 years’ experience in the design, construction, maintenance and conversion of the Spanish Navy’s ships.

Naval ship construction and repairs, propulsion and energy services, weapon systems design and integration, and platform control systems

Navantia, the Spanish shipbuilder, is a world reference in the design, construction and integration of warships, including new generation submarines. It is also engaged in the design and manufacture of integrated platform management systems, fire control systems, command and control systems, propulsion plants and through life support for naval vessels.

It is one of very few companies that has a complete capacity in the fields of design, development, production, integration and integrated logistic platform support, propulsion and naval combat systems as well as the ability to deliver fully-operational vessels. Navantia also has a large product range of naval and coastguard vessels and an enormous engineering capacity for undertaking new projects.

Ship construction and repair facilities

Navantia has strategically situated production centres in the Ferrol Estuary, the Cartagena shipyard and the Bay of Cádiz, specialized in New Constructions, as well as ship repairs in the three areas.

Navantia designs, builds and repairs a wide range of ships for navies all over the world.
Navantia also specialise in vessel energy and propulsion systems, weapons systems and platform control systems.
Navantia design and build some of the most high-tech vessels in the world.

These shipyards are fully equipped with slipways and docks with sufficient capacity to meet the Navy’s strategic requirements

Our naval order book is:

  • Two LHD for the Australian Navy
  • Engineering / technology transfer for three air warfare destroyers for the Australian Navy
  • Engineering / technology transfer for six Scorpene submarines for India
  • Four submarines S-80, one Frigate F-105, and eight (of a series of nine) maritime action ships for the Spanish Navy
  • Three (of a series of eight) patrol ships for Venezuela (OPVs)

Some of Navantia’s most prominent products include the following.

S-80 submarines, the most modern conventional submarine in the world

The S-80 is a conventional submarine, with high level of discretion and mobility for reaching distant theatres. AIP system will allow 15 days of autonomy. The submarine equipped with long-range cruise missiles, long-range heavy torpedoes, anti-surface missiles and mines.

Platform has low acoustic, magnetic and electrical signatures, also low mast signature and is capable of diving deeper and for longer than other conventional submarine.

F-100 frigates, equipped with the AEGIS system

F-100 class frigates are last generation ships and some of the most technologically advanced coming in service in modern navies.

The only European-built combat vessels already operating with the anti-air and anti-missile Aegis combat system, the F-100 class has a unique capability, which is able to detect and handle up to 90 targets simultaneously up to a distance of 600 km.

Amphibious ships, as LHD “Juan Carlos I” for the Spanish Navy

Multipurpose amphibious ship with four possible missions and configurations: Marines Forces Projection, ARMY Forces Projection, Eventual Platform for Aircraft Carrier Operations and Non Combatant Operations, but not necessarily in simultaneous mode. The ship is mono hull type, steel made and with the superstructure at starboard side.