Navantia Naval Ship Design, Construction, Combat System Integration and Life Cycle Support

Navantia represents advancement, naval activity and modernity, but also inherits more than 250 years’ experience in the design, construction, maintenance and conversion of the Spanish Navy’s ships.

Naval ship construction and repairs, propulsion and energy services, weapon systems design and integration, and platform control systems

Navantia, the Spanish shipbuilder, is a world reference in the design, construction and integration of warships, including new generation submarines. It is also engaged in the design and manufacture of integrated platform management systems, fire control systems, command and control systems, propulsion plants and through life support for naval vessels.

It is one of very few companies that has a complete capacity in the fields of design, development, production, integration and integrated logistic platform support, propulsion and naval combat systems as well as the ability to deliver fully-operational vessels. Navantia also has a large product range of naval and coastguard vessels and an enormous engineering capacity for undertaking new projects.

Ship construction and repair facilities

Navantia has strategically situated production centres in the Ferrol Estuary, the Cartagena shipyard and the Bay of Cádiz, specialized in New Constructions, as well as ship repairs in the three areas.

These shipyards are fully equipped with slipways and docks with sufficient capacity to meet the Navy’s strategic requirements

Our naval order book is:

  • Two LHD for the Australian Navy
  • Engineering / technology transfer for three air warfare destroyers for the Australian Navy
  • Engineering / technology transfer for six Scorpene submarines for India
  • Four submarines S-80, one Frigate F-105, and eight (of a series of nine) maritime action ships for the Spanish Navy
  • Three (of a series of eight) patrol ships for Venezuela (OPVs)

Some of Navantia’s most prominent products include the following.

S-80 submarines, the most modern conventional submarine in the world

The S-80 is a conventional submarine, with high level of discretion and mobility for reaching distant theatres. AIP system will allow 15 days of autonomy. The submarine equipped with long-range cruise missiles, long-range heavy torpedoes, anti-surface missiles and mines.

Platform has low acoustic, magnetic and electrical signatures, also low mast signature and is capable of diving deeper and for longer than other conventional submarine.

F-100 frigates, equipped with the AEGIS system

F-100 class frigates are last generation ships and some of the most technologically advanced coming in service in modern navies.

The only European-built combat vessels already operating with the anti-air and anti-missile Aegis combat system, the F-100 class has a unique capability, which is able to detect and handle up to 90 targets simultaneously up to a distance of 600 km.

Amphibious ships, as LHD “Juan Carlos I” for the Spanish Navy

Multipurpose amphibious ship with four possible missions and configurations: Marines Forces Projection, ARMY Forces Projection, Eventual Platform for Aircraft Carrier Operations and Non Combatant Operations, but not necessarily in simultaneous mode. The ship is mono hull type, steel made and with the superstructure at starboard side.

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Press Release

Navantia Proposes Solution for Netherlands Submarine Programme

In its bid for the Walrus Replacement Program, Navantia is proposing an adaptation to Dutch requirements and local content of the Spanish Navy S80 Plus submarine.

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Press Release

22 February 2019

In its bid for the Walrus Replacement Program, Navantia is proposing an adaptation to Dutch requirements and local content of the Spanish Navy S80 Plus submarine.

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15 February 2019

Navantia provides design and construction solutions for a range of naval ships.

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9 August 2018

The Navantia-Saab Team has declared the submission of its application to Irving Shipbuilding for the Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) Program.

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4 April 2017

Navantia has signed a five-year contract with the Norwegian Defense Logistic Organization (NDLO) for support and maintenance of five Fridtjof Nansen (F310) class frigates, built by Navantia between 2000 and 2011, and currently in-service in the Royal Norwegian Navy.

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2 September 2016

The Commonwealth of Australia and Navantia have signed an agreement for the Risk Reduction and Design Study (RRDS) Phase for the SEA 5000 Future Frigate Programme.

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27 July 2016

SAGE Automation and Navantia Australia have executed a joint venture (JV) agreement to create the Navantia SAGE Automation Group (NSAG), creating local capability in naval automation and monitoring.

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20 July 2016

Navantia expands its international presence with the opening of a new commercial delegation in Bergen, Norway, that will be operative from today (20 July).

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7 July 2016

The Commonwealth of Australia and Navantia have signed a contract to supply two auxiliary oiler replenishments (AORs).

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10 December 2015

ASC has signed a contract with Navantia, whereby Navantia will provide the Shipbuilding Management Services (SMS) for the AWD Programme.

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3 December 2015

Navantia has the pleasure in delivering the final batch of four LLCs to the Commonwealth in Sydney.

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22 October 2015

Spanish Shipbuilder Navantia and African-based global defence and aerospace business, Paramount Group, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to jointly develop naval systems and vessels that will meet the increasing demand of South Africa and other African states, for innovative and value-adding maritime solutions to bolster the security of their marine and coastal assets.

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11 May 2015

The Turkish shipyard SEDEF has signed a contract with the SSM for the design and construction of one landing platform / dock (LPD) ship for the Turkish Navy.

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8 April 2015

The Spanish Navy's frigate 'Méndez Núñez' (F-104) has set sail from Ferrol towards Scotland yesterday to participate in a Nato joint training exercise with military units from several nations.

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9 February 2015

The second group of four landing helicopter dock landing crafts (LHD landing crafts) for the Royal Australian Navy arrived in Sydney 5 February.

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3 February 2015

Navantia hosted a meeting with the Spanish Navy, the Australian Navy, the Norwegian Navy and the Norwegian Defence Logistic OrganizatioN (NDLO) in Ferrol Shipyard last week.

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17 December 2014

Navantia has signed a contract with BAE Systems to support the sustainment of the Australian Landing Helicopter Docks (LHDs).

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27 November 2014

The newly-built landing helicopter dock (LHD) HMAS Canberra, built by Navantia, has been handed over to the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) by the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO).

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26 November 2014

Navantia has launched the ninth LLC fast-landing craft for the Royal Australian Navy. Part of a 12-vessel fleet, the design of these ships is based on the fast-landing crafts built also by Navantia for the Spanish Navy between 2006 and 2008.

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27 October 2014

Navantia and NDLO have agreed the extension of the 'Follow on Technical Support', which covers the maintenance and life support works of the F-310 class frigates.

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22 October 2014

Navantia has signed a contract with DMO for the RRDS (Risk Reduction Design Study) regarding the SEA 5000 programme for the new frigates.

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9 October 2014

Navantia and Australian DMO have signed a contract for the RRDS (Risk Reduction Design Study) of the programme SEA1654. This details the construction of two AOR logistic ships.

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13 May 2014

The Spanish Government has announced the acquisition of two new OPV's (BAM) for the Spanish Navy, following the series of four already in service, built by Navantia from 2006 to 2012.

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28 March 2014

The Qatar Navy's Technical Commitee visited the Spanish Navy's maritime action ship (BAM), the Relámpago, in Doha, Qatar.

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20 March 2014

The Royal Australian Navy has contracted an extension of the supply of Navantia's Integrated Platform Management System, with the target of incorporating an advanced training system on board: the On Board Training System (OBTS).

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10 March 2014

These units are part of a series of 12 LLC for operating with ALHD ‘Canberra’ and ‘Adelaide’.

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6 January 2014

The SSM of the Government of Turkey has announced today that the partnership formed by Navantia and SEDEF, the Turkish shipyard, has been selected for first place for the design and construction of one LHD and four LCM landing crafts for the Turkish navy.

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12 December 2013

The ALHD 'Adelaide' has been loaded onboard the "Blue Marlin", owned by the Dutch company Dockwise, on 10 December 2013 in Vigo.

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1 October 2013

Navantia has signed a service contract with the US Navy for four destroyers, which will be deployed during 2014 and 2015 in the Naval Base of Rota.

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19 September 2013

It is the first LLC fast landing craft of the series of 12 that Navantia is building for the Royal Australian Navy.

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25 October 2012

Navantia will build 12 units for the ALHD Canberra and the ALHD Adelaide.

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18 October 2012

The ALHD "Canberra" has arrived to Australia after two months of navigation.

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27 June 2012

Navantia and the Spanish Navy have started final sea trials of the F-105 frigate 'Cristóbal Colón' last Monday, in Ferrol, Northern Spain.

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16 May 2012

Navantia, one of the world's largest shipbuilding companies, is providing a limited number of guests the chance to visit their shipyard in Cartagena on Friday, 1 June, following UDT 2012.

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23 February 2012

Navantia has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with South African ship building company, Veercraft Marine, to take part in the construction of offshore patrol vessels and inshore patrol vessels for the South African Navy.

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7 February 2012

Navantia has commissioned the naval ship BAM 'Relámpago' for the Spanish Navy, in a ceremony presided by Pedro Morenés, the minister of defence.

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2 February 2012

On 9 January, the F-100 class frigate 'Cristóbal Colón', under construction in Navantia for the Spanish Navy, left the shipyard dry dock after a period of dry docking for hull and platform readiness for sea trials, which will take place in March 2012.

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19 July 2011

The first unit of Maritime Action Ship (BAM), P-41 'Meteoro', for the Spanish Navy has successfully finalised the last sea trials, prior to her commissioning on July 28. These sea trials have taken place on July 17-18, in order to test the perfect performance of the platform and combat systems, a

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1 June 2011

On May 29, the Spanish Navy's ship, LHD 'Juan Carlos I', arrived in Istanbul for a stopover during her first resistance voyage, which started on May 2. The aim of this cruise around the Mediterranean is to check functioning of equipment and systems during long navigation periods as well

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20 March 2011

Navantia has launched the fourth maritime action ship 'Tornado' P-44 for the Spanish Navy. The ship has been christened by Cristina Garmendia, the Spanish Innovation and Technology Minister, with the ceremony also being attended by Carmen Chacón, the Spanish Defence Minister, the Chairman of SEPI

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16 February 2011

Navantia has launched, at the Ferrol facilities, the first amphibious ship for the Royal Australian Navy in the presence of the ship's sponsor, Mrs. Vickie Coates. The Chief of the Royal Australian Navy, Vice Admiral Russell Crane, was also present, along with representatives of the Commonwealth,

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24 January 2011

On 18 January 2011, Navantia commissioned the frigate F-314 'Thor Heyerdahl' to the Royal Norwegian Navy. The ceremony, which took place at the Fene-Ferrol shipyard, has been attended by the director of NDLO, General Trond Karlsen, the chief of the Norwegian Navy, Admiral Haakon Bruun Hansen, the

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7 November 2010

Navantia is proud to announce the launch of another frigate for the Spanish Navy. The frigate, named 'Cristóbal Colón', is the fifth that Navantia has built for the Spanish Navy since 2000. Navantia launched the F-105 frigate on 4 November 2010 at the Fene-Ferrol shipyard. The godmothe

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3 October 2010

On 30 September, Navantia commissioned the LHD Juan Carlos I to the Spanish Navy at Ferrol Arsenal. The King of Spain has presided the official reception ceremony of this amphibious ship, which is the biggest ever built by Navantia as well as the biggest ship of the Spanish Navy. Other authoritie

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17 June 2010

Spanish shipbuilder Navantia and global security leader Lockheed Martin today signed a memorandum of agreement to explore new market opportunities in surface ships, submarines, naval systems and adjacent areas. Both companies will evaluate mutually beneficial work and collaborate in marketing act

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17 June 2010

From 24 May to 2 June in the waters off Ferrol in the north-east of the Iberian Peninsular, Navantia carried out the sea trials of the LHD class Juan Carlos I (L-61) that the company is building for the Spanish Navy. According to the commander of the ship, captain Andrés Breijo, t

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1 March 2010

Navantia has launched the third of four economic zone patrol boats (PVOZEE), named Yekuana and christened by Lorena López de Toro, at the San Fernando-Puerto Real shipyard. This ship is the third of a series of four that Navantia is building for the Venezuelan Navy. Construc

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1 February 2010

Navantia has recently started the construction of the second of two LHDs for the Australian Navy, which will be named Adelaide, by cutting the first steel. The cut of steel started on 2 February 2010 in the facilities of Fene, where the workers got a 3.5 tones piece, belonging to

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18 January 2010

On 19 January, a ceremony was held at Navantia's Cartagena shipyard to mark the start of work on the S-84 submarine. Although work had already commenced during the last quarter of 2009, the aim of this act, consisting of plate cutting for the pressure resistant hull using a waterjet cutting syste

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4 November 2009

Navantia has handed over the Tun Razak Scorpene submarine to the Royal Malaysian Navy on 5 November. It is the second submarine built for Malaysia by the Navantia-DCNS consortium under a contract signed in June 2002. The ceremony in the Cartagena shipyard was presided by the Chie

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25 October 2009

On 26th. October, Navantia christened the second of four ocean-going patrol boats for surveillance of the exclusive economic zone (POVZEE) at the company’s Puerto Real facility. The ship has been named “Warao” and her Godmother is Ms. Soledad Villafaña de Aniasi. The ceremony was attended by, amo

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15 October 2009

The San Fernando-Puerto Real Shipyard has launched the first maritime action ship Meteoro P-41 for the Spanish Navy. Spanish Economics and Treasury Minister Elena Salgado Méndez christened the ship in a ceremony also attended by the chairman of SEPI, Enrique Martínez Robles,

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28 September 2009

Norway has received the fourth frigate in a series of five ordered from Navantia in 2000. Navantia handed the frigate F-313 Helge Ingstad over to the Royal Norwegian Navy on 29 September in a ceremony at the Fene-Ferrol shipyard, attended by the Chief of Norwegian Navy, Admiral H

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22 September 2009

Navantia has laid the keel for the LHD Canberra on 23 September at the Ferrol shipyard. The ship, similar to the Spanish Navy's LHD Juan Carlos I, is the first of two commissioned by Australia in 2007. The ceremony, presided by the Chief of the Australian Navy, Admiral Rus

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