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Weapon Alignment Equipment and Target Tracking Evaluation Systems

With over 20 years of experience within the field of weapon alignment and tracking systems, Schill Reglerteknik is today a market leader, supplying navies worldwide with systems, products and services for unmatched performance in shooting accuracy with on-board artillery and other weapon systems.


With the Aligner 308 the task of performing static alignment of shipboard weapon system is easier than ever.

Main objectives:

  • No dry-docking required
  • Non-compromising accuracy
  • A complete range of functions for static alignment
  • Toolkit covering all aspects of calibration of tilt sensors, adaptors etc.
  • Intuitive handling by simple-to-use software guidance
  • Innovative alignment methods to minimize ship's non-operational time

Along with standard alignment procedures, the Aligner 308 provides outstanding features like:

  • Azimuth measurement between stations even if not within line-of-sight
  • True gun barrel axis measurement
  • Ship's gyro performance test
  • A unique set of functions for complete verification of alignment results

In summary, the Aligner 308 system has a proven record of enabling you to:

  • Perform a complete weapon system alignment in only four to six hours
  • Achieve shooting performance accurate enough for repetitive direct hits on a towed target


For fast testing of static and dynamic misalignments of guns, the SGC offers the market's most convenient solution. By using only a gun adapter and a video interface, the SGC can be connected to any standard video display.

Among the features of the SGC are:

  • High resolution and precision
  • Simple and precise installation into gun barrel in only a few seconds
  • Self-aligned to the bore - no adjustments necessary
  • Ruggedized and splash proof
  • Mechanically and optically stable over time and temperature


The Aligner 224 offers an efficient solution to the task of verifying tracking and shooting performance of a ship's weapon system. High precision, rugged cameras are attached to the weapons and connected to the Aligner 224 together with video from fire control directors. By simultaneously displaying two or more video sources on screen, tracking errors and evaluation can be made in real time.

The video camera characteristics are the same as for the SGC, see above.

Among the features of the Aligner 224 are:

  • Up to four video cameras and four auxiliary video sources can be connected
  • Up to four video sources can be displayed concurrently
  • Precision video cameras giving sharp, high-brilliance video
  • Extremely accurate, self-aligned gun barrel video-camera adapters
  • Electronic cross hairs, zooming, contrasting, etc.
  • Video recording to disk
  • Voice recording (for comments and other purposes, in real time)

In summary, the Aligner 224 has a proven record of enabling you to:

  • Perform a full ship weapon tracking evaluation in two to four hours
  • Later detailed analysis by replay of recorded video, voice and data


Where unrestricted movement of gun are of vital importance, the wireless camera link is the ideal choice.


Our independent position from weapon manufacturers and our expertise within the field of alignment has rendered us alignment assignments worldwide. Today, we can offer our customers a range of services like:

  • Static and dynamic alignment of naval weapon systems
  • Training courses in alignment theory and practice
  • Equipment renting / leasing contracts
  • Calibration services of sensors and other equipment
  • Annual maintenance contracts

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