The Aligner 308 is designed for static alignment of shipboard weapon systems. It enables alignment with the ship afloat, simpler, faster and, yet afloat, more accurate than conventional dry-dock alignment.

Imposing minimal influence on the ship’s routines, the Aligner 308 implies huge savings in time and operational costs compared to using traditional methods.


Every type of station or structure onboard can be aligned using Aligner 308. Mechanical adapters for firm attachment of the Tilt Sensors to the different weapon stations are used to ensure the best possible results.


Gyros are aligned by connecting them electrically. Thus, the same signals as used by the weapon stations are used for aligning the gyros. This makes the solutions simpler, faster and more accurate than traditional methods.


  • Project-oriented; one ship / occasion – one project
  • Easily retrieve results from any project
  • Step-by-step guided procedures for alignment of any type of station
  • Enabling theodolite measurements (azimuth, elevation)
  • Azimuth alignment for stations without line-of-sight (no theodolite)
  • True gun barrel axis measurement
  • Ship’s gyro alignment by electrical connection
  • Ship’s gyro performance test
  • Unique set of functions for alignment verification
  • Built-in step-by-step guided calibration functions

Using a theodolite onboard

Using a theodolite onboard a ship afloat is fully possible. But instead of gravity, the MRP (datum plate) should be used as the reference. This is obtained by co-planing the theodolite to the MRP.

The Aligner 308 enables you to co-plane the theodolite with the MRP by the use of a Tilt Sensor Unit mounted on the theodolite. The dual-inclinometer based Tilt Sensor Units of the Aligner 308 makes this task incomparably easy, fast and accurate.

Alignment verification, alongside – a real money saver

Having made the alignment corrections in accordance with the alignment measurement results, the weapon system is ready for testing. The standard approach for this is to make sea trials, using camera systems for target tracking.

However, the Aligner 308 provides a unique set of functions for alignment verification while still in the harbour, alongside. These features constitute fast and efficient checking of most of the made alignments. Errors in the weapon system, erroneous alignment corrections, etc., can thus be found without taking the time, efforts and expenses for a sea trial.

Built-in calibration functions

As any high-quality measurement tool, the Aligner 308 needs to be calibrated from time to time. Built-in step-by-step guided calibration functions enable calibration made by the customer at any time.

Specially designed calibration tools that simplify and support calibration are provided as options.

For more information, please download the product brochure here.