Schill’s Aligner 221 gun camera system features a disk recorder and an option to configure and upgrade it from a one to a two channel system.

The solution can also be upgraded from a standalone gun camera to an advanced alignment and analysis system.

Main features of the standalone gun camera system:

  • Project oriented; one ship / occasion – one project
  • Easily retrieve results from any project
  • Built-in video recording and replay
  • Video monitoring and recording can be performed simultaneously
  • Simple and precise Gun Camera installation in only a few seconds
  • Gun Camera is self-aligned to the bore. No adjustments necessary
  • Gun adapters for Aligner 308 tilt sensors and Aligner 2xx Gun Cameras are compatible
  • Built-in electronic cross hair adjustment for easy calibration setting
  • Built-in step-by-step guided calibration procedures for gun camera and gun adapter
  • Ship’s tracker director camera can be connected
  • Electronic cross hair setup for ship’s tracker director cameras

Advanced alignment system features:

  • Built-in step-by-step guided alignment procedures – auto calculated roll, pitch, azimuth, elevation – no manual calculations
  • Up to two video sources can be connected
  • Up to two video channels can be monitored/recorded or replayed simultaneously
  • Ship’s tracker director cameras and A2xx Gun Cameras can be combined arbitrarily
  • Zooming, contrasting, etc.
  • Voice and text input can be added during the video recordings
  • Read-out misalignment values can be directly used as correction values for the weapon control system without manual calculations
  • Optional Auto-Tracker is available for easier handling and enhanced accuracy

For more information, please download the product brochure here.