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Kongsberg - Underwater Surveillance and Imaging, CCTV Surveillance, Advanced Diver and Swimmer Detection Sonar Systems

The KONGSBERG Group of companies is an internationally oriented, knowledge-based corporation that supplies high-technology systems to customers engaged in offshore oil and gas production, the merchant marine, and the defence and aerospace industries. The KONGSBERG Group of companies includes KONGSBERG MESOTECH, KONGSBERG Maritime AS and KONGSBERG Defence & Aerospace AS.

Kongsberg is Norway’s premier defence supplier, with roots dating back to 1814. Over the last 40 years, the company has been an international supplier of integrated combat systems for submarines and surface navy vessels, with lengthy experience as a supplier of active and passive sonar systems, including underwater vehicle technology.

Kongsberg Mesotech traces its roots back to 1973 and the development of high-resolution single-beam scanning sonar, prior to its acquisition by SIMRAD and then subsequently by the Kongsberg Group. The earliest and most successful developer of multibeam sonar for diver detection, Kongsberg has a large installed customer base that includes the US Navy, the US Coast Guard Service, and other NATO navies and customers around the world. Kongsberg provides long-term parts availability and support worldwide on a 24/7 basis.

Kongsberg Maritime Camera Group is a world leader in providing innovative underwater imaging and CCTV surveillance technology that is built to support the most demanding military, offshore, scientific and maritime applications with more than 25 years’ involvement in developing systems for underwater and other harsh environments. Our advanced solutions include camera, power supplies, lights, transmission systems, display and recording equipment designed and engineered to provide the best possible viewing performance.

Kongsberg Maritime CCTV and video systems are in service with many Special Forces and Security Specialists around the world. Kongsberg military solutions are offered with full environmental qualification and integrated logistics support (ILS), aimed at achieving the highest operational availability and lowest life cycle cost.

Diver detection sonar deployment flexibility

Diver detection sonar (DDS) has evolved to accomplish a variety of missions. These roles include fixed systems for port security and mobile systems, in addition to ship-borne systems. These systems have multi-mission capability and are easily interchangeable from one type of deployment to another, as well as being light enough to be deployed by a small crew. Complete set-up can be accomplished in less than one hour.

The DDS9000 series meets the requirements for multi-mission capability. The system can be lowered by a winch cable, tripod-mounted for either fixed-position or mobile deployments. The DDS 9000 series’ sonar head’s weight of less than 200 pounds (90 kg) allows for easy deployment by a small crew. Most importantly, this deployment flexibility is achieved without sacrificing detection performance.

DDS systems can be integrated easily into larger C2/C4ISR systems to provide greater situational awareness. With over 40 SM2000 and DDS systems delivered worldwide, the effectiveness and reliability of Kongsberg Mesotech’s systems is unmatched by any of its competitors.

Integrated Security Solutions

In conjunction with Kongsberg Maritime and Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace, the company is able to provide a fully integrated port security system that addresses underwater, surface and airborne threats.

Vessel Traffic Management Information Systems (VTMIS) can be integrated into this system utilizing the C-Scope software suite of Kongsberg NorControl IT which provides target tracking and discrimination. Data can be integrated from the widest possible choice of sensors, including live satellite feeds, underwater and surface CCTV video surveillance, radar, sonar and AIS to provide the full security picture.

Autonomous underwater vehicles and diver deterrents can be added to turn an advanced surveillance and warning system into a fully reactive security solution.

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This graphic of navy vessels moored alongside demonstrates how a diver detection system can set up a security zone perimeter around these high-value assets...
The Kongsberg DDS 9901 system includes a sonar head, processor and two displays...
The UK-based Kongsberg Maritime Camera Group specialises in the development of underwater cameras and video solutions for harsh environments including ships, submarines, robotic and land vehicle applications. With knowledge of all aspects of optics, sensors, control and communication technologies, Kongsberg is able to design a camera or CCTV system for almost any application.
This screen combines a Defender II with electronic chart display (ECD) and satellite photo overlay of the Vancouver harbour...
Data fusion: In a command centre setting, it’s useful to integrate many different types of data, including multiple sonar types both active and passive, radar, electro-optical (EO) and infra-red (IR). What’s termed “data fusion” combines and evaluates all the inputs shown on the wall display screens into a single “picture,” while enabling fast at-a-glance viewing for confirmation and quick decision making. In this case, a variety of different Kongsberg technologies and products have been
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