Sonar Systems

As a leading naval electronic house, ATLAS ELEKTRONIK stands for maritime and naval solutions both above and below the surfaces of the world's oceans. With the help of technically innovative products, the electronics specialist encounters the conventional and asymmetric challenges of the maritime sector and increases the safety of harbours, coastlines and trade.

The company, with its headquarters in Bremen, was founded in 1902 and is now a joined company of ThyssenKrupp and EADS, with more than 1,700 employees.

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK holds an undisputed ‘pole position’ in all fields of naval technology. With an extensive world-wide customer base, ATLAS ELEKTRONIK supplies the complete product range based on the ‘sensor-to-shooter’ concept. The range is divided into the sections of surface vessel systems, including mine counter measures, submarine systems and services.

Products include:

  • All variants of sonar systems for submarines, anti-submarine warfare and mine-hunting
  • Integrated command and control systems for submarines, surface vessels and mine countermeasure boats
  • Heavyweight torpedoes and small size anti-torpedo weapons
  • Mine disposal vehicles and AUVs

Naval combat management system for surface ships

The company provides command and control systems for OPVs, corvettes and frigates as well as integrated navigation systems. The Atlas naval combat management system (ANCS), our latest-generation combat system, has a modular design that allows it to be adapted to all customer requirements, and has all required interfaces to sensors, shooters and communication facilities. This in turn ensures its integration in a full network-centric warfare (NCW) configuration.

Passive and active sonars for anti-submarine warfare

For surface combatants, ATLAS also supplies state-of-the-art, passive and active sonars for anti-submarine warfare (ASW). We provide the entire range of active and passive sonars from the classical bow sonar to modern towed sonars. These low-frequency active towed sonar systems open a new dimension in submarine hunting. The achieved ranges of these active location systems are so high that they can exceed the range of a torpedo fired from submarine hull-mounted and towed arrays.

Protection against terrorists and other asymmetric attacks

ATLAS ForcePro system offers the possibility of building up complete sensor-weapon chains, fusing all information from surveillance radars, optronic surveillance systems, and diver detection sonars. The ForcePro is based on the ANCS-technology and can be used against piracy, smuggling, terrorist or other asymmetric threats. Moving targets can be displayed on the land and sea map display, while the functional sensor-to-shooter chain ensures the capability for rapid action against threats from land, air, sea and underwater.

Submarine systems

The ISUS 90 submarine combat system is an advanced and sea-proven, fully integrated sensor, command and control, and weapon engagement system. It integrates the acoustical sensors with optical and electronic sensors to allow for a comprehensive command and control in the submarine system, as well as control of long range, wire guided torpedoes and missiles.

The SEAHAKE DM 2 A4 is a dual-purpose, fibre-optic wire-guided heavyweight torpedo. It features the unique modular battery system and an electric propulsion motor with very low self noise. It provides high speed and long range combined with exceptional stealth characteristics. The digital sonar system features the unrivalled conformal array and is able to manage multiple targets whilst identifying and suppressing any kind of jammer or decoy.

In-service support services for naval systems

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK provides a continuous support effort which is based on an individually tailored balance between the three key factors: affordability, availability and capability. The in-service support covers all areas, from hotline support through engineering and on-site services, spares, training and documentation services. All services are also offered for external products.

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