Systems for Submarines and Surface Vessels

L-3 ELAC Nautik has supplied equipment and systems for submarines and surface vessels to more than 40 navies worldwide. We combine decades of experience with innovative solutions in order to develop capable and cost-effective systems.

L-3 ELAC Nautik's OpenSonarSuite KaleidoScope is an advanced, totally-integrated sonar system that meets the mission requirements of modern diesel-electric submarines. KaleidoScope performs integrated surveillance by using acoustic sensors (CAS, PRS, FAS, IS, MAS) that provide the channels for automatic contact tracking. It includes integrated detection, tracking and analysis for full-spatial and full-spectral surveillance functionalities.

VANGUARD is the most compact solution for mine and obstacle avoidance as well as active and passive surveillance onboard surface ships. The compact and retractable transducer array allows easy integration into new ships and retrofits. The outstanding performance against mines and obstacles and the surveillance capability makes VANGUARD the first choice for many surface vessels.

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