The 62m Roussen Class fast attack craft for the Hellenic Navy of Greece.
The fast attack craft will be armed with Exocet surface-to-surface missiles, RAM air defence missiles and a 76mm main gun.
Mirador electro-optical target tracker.
Sting fire control system.
Scout Mark II low probability of intercept radar.
The Tacticos combat management system is integrated with Exocet missiles, 76mm gun, 30mm guns, RAM system, DR 3000 electronic support measures and chaff launcher.
Outline of the 62m fast attack craft for the Hellenic Navy.

Roussen Class fast attack vessel

Elefsis Industrial Enterprises SA has been awarded the contract for the supply of three Super Vita 62m fast attack missile craft for the Hellenic Navy. The ships, called the ‘Roussen Class’, are being constructed at the Elefsis yard near Athens. Vosper Thornycroft provides design, construction support, ship’s equipment and logistic support services to Elefsis. The initial requirement is for three fast attack craft and part of the agreement includes provision of two ex-Royal Navy Hunt Class mine countermeasure vessels.

The fast attack craft has a displacement of 580t fully loaded. The first ship, HS Roussen (P67), was launched in November 2002 and was commissioned in December 2005.

The second, HS Daniolos (P68) was launched in July 2003 and commissioned in February 2006. The third, HS Kristallidis (P69), was launched in April 2004 and commissioned in May 2006.

In September 2003, a contract was awarded for a further two ships, HS Grigoropoulos and HS Ritsos, to be built by Elefsis. HS Ritsos was launched in October 2006. Both vessels were commissioned in 2007. A contract from the Hellenic Navy for an additional two vessels, to bring the total to seven, was placed in September 2008.

A newly covered construction facility in the Elefsis yard was built for the construction of the craft and for future projects.

Roussen Class fast attack ship design

The design of the fast attack craft is based on the smaller Vita class vessels already in service with the Qatar Emiri Navy and similar-sized craft built for Oman and other countries.

The fast attack craft has a steel hull and aluminium superstructure. Vosper Thornycroft Controls is supplying the electrical power distribution system, the platform management system, electrical machinery and the mine counter-countermeasures system.

Roussen missile attack craft weapons

The first three vessels are armed with the MBDA (formerly EADS Aerospatiale-Matra) Exocet ITL 70A MM40 block II surface-to-surface missile. The following four vessels have the Exocet block III version. Exocet uses active radar homing and has a range of 70km. The two four-cylinder launchers are installed on the missile deck, set in a crossed configuration with one facing starboard and one facing port side.

"Arms include the MBDA Exocet ITL 70A MM40 Block II surface-to-surface missile."

The vessel’s air defence missile system is the RAM (rolling airframe missile), to be supplied by RAMSYS, a consortium of MBDA (formerly EADS Daimler-Chrysler Aerospace), Diehl and BGT.

The missile system’s GMWS mk31 21-cell launcher is installed on the stern deck. The RIM-116A Block I missile has a dual-mode radar / imaging infra-red seeker and a range of 10km.

The craft’s main gun installed on the bow deck is the Oto Melara Super Rapid 76mm gun which is capable of firing 6kg shells at a rate of 100 rounds a minute to a range of 16km. Two Oto Melara 30mm guns are installed on either side of the upper deck to the stern of the main radar mast.

The ship is equipped with the Argo Systems AR900 electronic support measures system and the Sippican SRBOC decoy launcher.

Vessel combat management

The vessel is fitted with the Tacticos combat management system supplied by Thales Nederland (formerly Signaal). Tacticos provides automatic threat evaluation, allocates sensors and assigns weapons for target engagement.

The combat room accommodates the MOC mk3 consoles which include three vertical consoles and one conference console. The Tacticos system is integrated with the Exocet missiles, 76mm gun, 30mm guns, RAM system, DR 3000 electronic support measures and the chaff launcher.

The craft is equipped with the Thales Nederland Sting fire control system.


The vessel’s sensor suite includes the Thales MW08 3D G-band surveillance radar, Thales Nederland Mirador electro-optical target tracker, an integrated Thales Nederland Scout mkII low probability of intercept radar and Northrop Grumman (formerly Litton) Marine Bridgemaster-E navigation radar.

"The craft’s main gun installed on the bow deck is the Oto Melara super rapid 76mm gun, which has a range of 16km."


Redifon is supplying the communications system. The Data Link 11, model MDM 2002 is supplied by Rockwell Collins. The radome of the satellite communications system is installed on the upper deck between the main radar tower and the 30mm guns.

Intercom Systems A/S of Denmark will supply the ICS 2000 integrated communications system. The information friend or foe system is the Aeromaritime IFF mk12


The main propulsion system is four MTU 16V595 TE90 engines with ZF type BW1556666 / 1557 S gear boxes and three 250kW generators driving four fixed-pitch propellers. The fast combat craft achieves a speed of 35kt. Vosper Thornycroft Marine Products is supplying the 900 Series steering system and the 300 Series stabiliser system.