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Raytheon Anschütz

Navigation and Mission Systems for Naval Surface Ships and Submarines

Raytheon Anschütz is a leading manufacturer and integrator of naval navigation, bridge and mission systems.

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For more than 100 years, Raytheon Anschütz has been providing innovative and high-quality navigation solutions, including gyro and steering systems, radars, warship electronic chart display and information systems (WECDIS), and integrated bridge systems. These solutions make us a reliable, low risk, long-term partner for navies worldwide.

Warship integrated navigation and bridge systems

SYNAPSIS NAVAL is a high-performance Warship Integrated Navigation and Bridge System (WINBS).

It uses standardised commercial-off-the-shelf hardware and a common software backbone, designed in accordance with open architecture, called the ‘bridge integration platform’. This architecture allows us to supply complex and modular system solutions, which are customisable to individual missions.

The system can incorporate tactical radars, WECDIS, extended situation awareness capability, and customer-specific systems (including GfX) into multifunctional workstations, as well as integrate navigation and surveillance radars, visual surveillance systems (VSS), manual and automatic steering gear control, and the full suite of navigation sensors.

Our solutions also include naval data management, which includes combat management system (CMS) integration, the maintenance of safety approvals through precise and managed configuration control, customised cybersecurity solutions, and the use of customer-provided hardware or shared computing environments.

Raytheon Anschütz ensures continuous maintenance of the system and its applications, along with strict, timely compliance with current and future regulations, including the International Maritime Organization (IMO) performance standard for integrated navigation systems (MSC.252(83), IEC 61924-2), as well as the bridge alert management standard (IMO.302(87), IEC 62923-1 and -2).

Tactical navigation with WECDIS and Naval Radars

NAVAL RADAR NX and NAVAL ECDIS NX introduce military and tactical features that improve situational awareness and tactical capabilities. Customisable optional capability upgrades are made easy through simple software configurations.

To ease crew familiarisation and training, the various applications have a common, modern, human-centred user interface with intuitive workflows and a quick access bar for essential functions.

NAVAL ECDIS NX is a WECDIS, based on a proven IMO-compliant ECDIS. Modular naval and military features according to NATO STANAG 4564 Ed 3 can be added as required by the customer or mission.

Some key overlays and features of NAVAL ECDIS NX are additional military layer (such as AML) and other charting layers; navigational and tactical overlays, including sensors, effectors, and military grid systems; navigation aids for special missions, such as target intercept and search and rescue (SAR); water space management, including moving haven and disposition; and anti-submarine warfare (ASW).

NAVAL RADAR NX is based on a high-resolution IMO navigational radar with additional perspectives for tactical operations and specialised missions. It is type-approved for navigation with a classical magnetron radar and solid-state surveillance radars from the Terma SCANTER series.

Typical features of NAVAL RADAR NX include high-performance target tracking, target management and association, management and presentation of tactical targets, track labelling and advanced filtering. The solution can also provide 360° radar video merging of multiple radar sensors, alert and guard zone management, calculation of intercept point and course to steer, and features such as station keeping, helicopter guidance, and SAR.

Mission management to command and control

SYNTACS is an effective system solution for command and control (C2), situational awareness, area surveillance, SAR, and other missions. It is available as a standalone mission management system but can also be fully integrated as a part of a WINBS.

The core of the solution is the SYNTACS NX application which provides data correlation, for example, radar, automatic identification system (AIS) and electro-optical sensor, and presents a dashboard for the operating picture, including target management and correlation, track classification, and tools for tactical manoeuvres.

SYNTACS can integrate different sensors and weapon systems. Accordingly, various software modules enable customised system capabilities. Among others, these can include electro-optical system integration, fire control system, integration of weapon control, mission management, hydrographic search, mine countermeasures (MCM), and remote control of unmanned vehicles (USV).

Navigation, steering, monitoring and control for submarines

Raytheon Anschütz offers customised system integration for submarines. Functionality from the combat and navigation domain is integrated with an open architecture approach to reach the highest levels of interoperability and performance.

The use of standardised industrial hardware and modular software helps to optimise performance and realise significant savings in cost and effort. Our solutions can include multifunctional consoles and chart tables for navigation, tactical operation and platform information, as well as submarine 3D steering control and autopilot, and navigation data management centres. Marine inertial navigation systems (MINS), wireless battery monitoring systems (WBMS) or hoistable mast electronics unit (HMEU) can also be integrated.

Services for naval customers

Raytheon Anschütz has a vast knowledge and long history of customised system integration. Based on this experience, the company has established processes and capabilities that drive excellence for customers.

These processes include system consultancy, programme management, documental deliverables, and management of requirements, acceptance and subcontractors, as well as offset agreements. We also provide customer-specific design, engineering and integration (including GfX), system security, and system safety analysis and documentation.

Raytheon Anschütz capabilities extend to configuration and obsolescence management, in-service support, comprehensive integrated logistic support and training solutions.

Type 31 Inspiration-Class Frigate

The Inspiration-class Type 31 frigates are planned to be constructed by Babcock International Group at its dockyard in Rosyth, Scotland.

U212 / U214 Submarines

The U212 submarine is capable of long-distance submerged passage to the area of operation. The German Navy ordered four of the submarines.

Type 45 Daring Class Destroyer

The UK Royal Navy's new Type 45 destroyers have replaced the old Type 42 destroyers that were in service since 1978. Six Type 45 destroyers were contracted.

Mobile Landing Platform (MLP) Ship

Formerly known as Mobile Landing Platform (MLP), the Expeditionary Transfer Dock (ESD) / Expeditionary Sea Base (ESB) is a new class of auxiliary vessels under construction for the US Navy.

Al-Ofouq Class Patrol Vessels

The Al-Ofouq class patrol vessels were procured by the Royal Navy of Oman from Singapore Technologies Marine (ST Marine) to replace the Seeb class patrol vessels, which have been in service since the early 1980s.

Interceptor HSI 32

HSI 32, a fast interceptor vessel designed and built by French shipyard CMN, a part of Privinvest Shipbuilding Group, supports a wide range of missions conducted by the navies and special operations forces.

K130 Braunschweig Class Corvette

In December 2001, Germany placed an order for five K130 corvettes based on the MEKO A design from the Arge K130 consorti

SYNTACS Steps Ahead at Euronaval

At Euronaval 2016, the German bridge system integrator Raytheon Anschütz announces the next step forward for their Synapsis Tactical Command System (SYNTACS).

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