The Interceptor HSI 32 vessel is designed and built by CMN Group. Credit: CMN.
The HSI 32 vessel features hard chine Deep Vee planning hull. Credit: CMN.
The interceptor vessel measures 32.2m in length. Credit: CMN.
The HSI 32 can attain a maximum speed of 43k. Credit: CMN.

HSI 32, a fast interceptor vessel designed and built by French shipyard CMN, a part of Privinvest Shipbuilding Group, supports a wide range of missions conducted by the navies and special operations forces.

The vessel is designed to conduct sea strike operations, search and rescue (SAR), maritime security, sea safety, convoy protection, sea policing, anti-piracy, protection of vulnerable vessels and offshore installations, and control of illegal immigration, trafficking and smuggling.

The vessel is also used to defend against speedboats, asymmetric threats and boarding of terrorists. It has the ability to conduct combined operations with aircraft and coastal surveillance systems.

HSI 32 is part of CMN’s DV Interceptor family, which also comprises Interceptor DV15 RWS ultra-high-speed interceptor. It was exhibited at the NAVDEX 2015 exhibition held in the UAE.

Orders and deliveries

The Mozambican Navy placed an order with CMN to design and construct the first batch of three HSI 32 interceptor vessels in September 2013.

The first vessel was launched at the company’s facility in Cherbourg in March 2015. It reached a maximum continuous speed of 51k during its initial sea trials, which began in April 2015. The first batch was scheduled to be delivered in mid-2015.

The next batch of three interceptor vessels was ordered by the Mozambique Navy in January 2015. The deliveries were expected to start in December 2015.

HSI 32 interceptor vessel design and features

The lightweight and agile Interceptor HSI 32 vessel is based on the hard chine Deep Vee planning hull, which provides high-speed navigation in planning mode. Its hull and superstructures are made of aluminium. The vessel is classified by Bureau Veritas classification society.

It has an overall length of 32.2m, overall beam of 7m and maximum draught of 1.4m. It can accommodate a crew of 12, while up to 64 personnel can be carried for search and rescue operations.

The vessel’s wheelhouse performs planning and execution of missions and provides the crew with all-round 360° view.

A 4.8m-long outboard rigid-hulled inflatable boat (RHIB) can be deployed through a launch-and-recovery ramp at the stern of the ship.

Armament and mission systems on board HSI 32 interceptor

The HSI 32 watercraft is equipped with one 20mm remote-controlled gun turret as well as two 12.7mm side guns to protect the crew from speedboats and asymmetric threats.

The command and control (C2) system installed in the vessel ensures safe and efficient operation at sea. A data link coupled with satcom (satellite communications) performs transmission and reception of imagery and data. The vessel is also integrated with other mission systems such as radio direction finder, surveillance radar, navigation radar, and an electro-optical (EO) observation system.

HSI 32 interceptor vessel propulsion and performance

The HSI 32 interceptor vessel’s propulsion system consists of three diesel engines, two main generators and three waterjets (two steering and one booster). The vessel can carry 21m³ of fuel and 1m³ of fresh water.

The propulsion system provides a top speed of 43k. The vessel has a range of about 800nmi at a speed of 12k and of 580nmi at 33k.