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Marine Alutech

Versatile Boats for Professionals Worldwide

Marine Alutech is renowned for designing and building state-of-the-art naval vessels for the Finnish Navy and Coast Guard, as well as other international maritime defence and security authorities.

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Customised solutions for comprehensive naval concepts

The Watercat customised vessels benefit from our domestic and international network as well as in-house expertise and state-of-the-art ship technology solutions, which include unmanned technology, interference protected electrical solutions (electromagnetic interference (EMI)/electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)), versatile solutions for system to ship integration and life cycle management.

Marine Alutech’s Watercat comprehensive solutions and concepts are suitable for a broad range of military and law enforcement applications, such as maritime interdiction, command and control, force protection, reconnaissance, search and rescue (SAR), surveillance, evacuation, landing, escort and patrol.

Comprehensive and cost-effective integrated logistic support

We provide after-sales support including comprehensive integrated logistic support with manuals and documentation, reliable supply of spare parts, professional training, maintenance, repair, refit and middle life upgrade/extension to maximise vessel sustainability. Our support is provided either by domestic services or through local partners and available for any vessel up to 25m, whether it was built by us or another shipyard.

Fast patrol boats and interceptors: high quality and sustainability for maritime tasks

Marine Alutech has built aluminium and composite fast patrol boats (FPB) for coast guards and law enforcement since 1991.

These vessels are suitable for a variety of maritime high-speed patrol and interception operations against seaborne terrorists, illegal activities and maritime SAR distress operations. The vessels are designed to operate in littoral, confined and shallow water environments as well as all weather conditions.

Landing and fast assault crafts: modular and multirole high-speed amphibious operations

Marine Alutech modular landing and fast assault crafts are proven solutions for future amphibious capabilities worldwide.

Due to their state-of-the-art modular concept, the vessels can be easily configured as multifunctional, weaponised high-speed platforms, equipped with a compact combat management system as well as versatile remote weapon and self-protection systems. Marine Alutech vessels are particularly suitable for high-speed amphibious and evacuation operations as well as reconnaissance, patrolling, escort and force protection scenarios. The vessels can operate in littoral, archipelagic, coastal and offshore environments, and with an effective onboard heating and air-conditioning system, they can withstand extreme heat and cold as well as arid or humid climates.

Combat Support Service Vessel Watercat M18 AMC

The Watercat M18 Armored Modular Craft (AMC) is a most modern and advanced combat boat and landing craft for the Finnish Marines and Special Operation Forces to fulfill versatile requirements of the future combat support and landing craft.

Military Landing Craft Watercat M12

The Watercat M12 with its Middle Life Upgrade is a modernized type of a landing and coastal troop command craft for the Finnish Marines.

Coast Guard Patrol Boat Watercat 1000

The design of Watercat 1000 patrol is based on Watercat 1300 patrol in operational service in the Finnish Coast Guard. Watercat 1000 patrol is smaller vessel than Watercat 1300, benefitting the experiences from her sister vessel.

High-Performance Maritime Vessels

Marine Alutech is a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art maritime vessels for the military, law enforcement and other maritime sectors.