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Marine Alutech

Vessel Manufacturing and Design for the Naval Sector

Marine Alutech manufactures and designs government vessels and fast patrol boats, which are supplied to the global market.

Telakkatie 47,
25570 Teijo,

Marine Alutech manufactures and designs government vessels and fast patrol boats, which are supplied to the global market.

We specialise in high-quality aluminium and composite boats, as well as project design, sales and after-sales support.

Our Watercat concept is suitable for a broad range of applications such as cargo and troop transportation, combat, pilot, surveillance, landing craft, patrol, ambulance and combat central.

Patrol boats for the naval industry

Acting as a fast patrol boat, Watercat 1300 Patrol supports the main vessel during coast guard patrolling tasks, as well as search and rescue (SAR) and evacuation missions in adverse sea environments throughout the year.

Watercat 1300 Patrol can operate in temperatures ranging between 45°C and -10°C. The craft features onboard automatic air-conditioning for all-climate operations. Modern integrated navigation and communication systems are also installed, including radio equipment and data communications.

Watercat 1300 Patrol offers a steady and reliable operation. The vessel is easy-to-steer and secure in any speed and weather conditions.

Landing craft for the naval industry

One of the latest vessel developed by Marine Alutech is the Watercat M18 AMC (Armoured Modular Craft). It is a new landing craft designed to fulfil all modern requirements for future combat support vessels.

Watercat M18 AMC is suitable for troop transportation, medical and evacuation tasks, landing operations, patrolling and escort tasks, as well as combat and battle support scenarios. The vessel has been specially designed for archipelagic, coastal and offshore conditions with an effective heating and air-conditioning system, able to withstand heat and extreme cold, as well as arid or humid climates.

Watercat M18 AMC is a fast landing craft with two plus eight saddle-type seats. It has a capacity for ten naval staff with equipment.

The aluminium hull has special profiles and welded construction. A jet-powered diesel engine provides a service speed over 30k with a full load. A low 30cm draft allows the vessel to operate on beaches or in shallow water at high speeds.

Interceptor boats for the naval sector

Watercat K13 FIC is suitable for a range of high-speed interception and law enforcement roles, as well as SAR duties, firefighting and commercial operations.

The boat is capable of sprint speed exceeding 55k and is one of the fastest waterjet equipped governmental vessels in its class.

Boat maintenance and customer support

Marine Alutech provides customer after-sales support through project and MLU planning, mid-life updates, documentation, training, simulators, armour and active protection, state-of-the-art electronics, as well as communication equipment.

We offer other related integrated logistics and transportation systems, spare parts, as well as assembly, service and maintenance through local partners.

Combat Support Service Vessel Watercat M18 AMC

The Watercat M18 Armored Modular Craft (AMC) is a most modern and advanced combat boat and landing craft for the Finnish Marines and Special Operation Forces to fulfill versatile requirements of the future combat support and landing craft.

Military Landing Craft Watercat M12

The Watercat M12 with its Middle Life Upgrade is a modernized type of a landing and coastal troop command craft for the Finnish Marines.

Coast Guard Patrol Boat Watercat 1000

The design of Watercat 1000 patrol is based on Watercat 1300 patrol in operational service in the Finnish Coast Guard. Watercat 1000 patrol is smaller vessel than Watercat 1300, benefitting the experiences from her sister vessel.

High-Performance Maritime Vessels

Marine Alutech is a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art maritime vessels for the military, law enforcement and other maritime sectors.