The Watercat M8/M9 are fast landing crafts that can carry ten soldiers with their equipment’s.

Eight Marines have saddle-type seats in front of the steering console. The low draft in high speed (approximately 20cm–40cm) enables the boats to operate e.g., in disaster and crisis areas such as river and estuarine environments as well as in the littoral, confined and shallow waters, landing either on beach or on an unimproved area.

Watercat M9 is based on the successful Watercat M8 design used by several Armed Forces. There are totally more than 150 Watercat M8 and M9 vessels delivered. The hull is made of marine grade aluminum using special extruded profiles and the construction is all welded. The propulsion is one waterjet powered by a diesel engine giving a service speed over 30k with full load. Safety during the transportation and easy maneuverability in every speed in its operating environment is paramount.