Watercat K13 Fast Interceptor Craft is designed for high-speed operations against seaborne terrorist and illegal activities for Law Enforcement and HLS forces.

The vessel is designed to operate in demanding operations in the littoral, confined and shallow water environments and weather conditions. Vessel can carry six persons with their equipment’s and can be equipped with advanced navigation, compact C3, surveillance and reconnaissance as well as light weapon systems suitable for versatile HLS tasks. In addition, the vessel is suitable also for SAR duties. In the design, special attention has been paid to vessel’s easy and cost-effective maintenance during its life cycle. Thus, the vessel’s operational sustainability is very high.

The hull is made of high-tech vacuum infused composite with carbon reinforcements. The propulsion is two waterjets powered by a diesel engine giving a high speed over 50k with full load. Watercat K13 FIC is safe and easy to maneuver in every speed and sea states of its operating area. Vessel runs extremely smoothly and predictably.