The design of Watercat 1000 patrol is based on Watercat 1300 patrol in operational service in the Finnish Coast Guard. Watercat 1000 patrol is smaller vessel than Watercat 1300, benefitting the experiences from her sister vessel.

Watercat 1000 Patrol is designed as a daughter craft (Fast Rescue Craft, FRC) onboard Coast Guard OPVs for SAR, evacuation and patrolling tasks and operations in demanding weather conditions. This vessel is maintained and operated by OPVs but it can also be operated independently as a Coast Guard patrol boat. Vessel can totally carry 12 persons and can be equipped with advanced navigation, compact C3, surveillance and reconnaissance as well as light weapon systems suitable for versatile Law Enforcement tasks. In the design, special attention has been paid to vessel’s easy and cost-effective maintenance during its life cycle. Thus, the vessel’s operational sustainability is very high.

The hull is made of marine grade aluminium and the construction is all welded. The propulsion is two waterjets powered by two diesel engines giving a top speed over 30 knots with full load. Sprint speed for the lightweight vessel can be reached over 40 knots. The waterjet system gives the boat excellent maneuverability and when necessary, the boat can be stopped almost within one boat’s length from full ahead. An essential advantage in coastal use is that, due to the waterjet propulsion, the bottom of the boat is perfectly smooth which enables the boat to operate safely in very shallow waters. Watercat 1000 Patrol is safe and easy to maneuver in every speed and sea states of its operating area. Vessel runs extremely smoothly and predictably. Vessel is self-righting and SOLAS approved. Watercat 1000 Patrol is designed for environments where the temperature varies between +30˚C and -10˚C.