Minehunting and Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)

As a leading naval electronic house ATLAS ELEKTRONIK stands for maritime and naval solutions both above and below the surfaces of the world's oceans. With the help of technically innovative products, the electronics specialist encounters the conventional and asymmetric challenges of the maritime sector and increases safety of harbours, coastlines and trade. The company, with its headquarter in Bremen, was founded in 1902 and is now a joined company of ThyssenKrupp and EADS, with more than 1,700 employees.

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK holds an undisputed ‘pole position’ in all fields of naval technology. With an extensive worldwide customer base, ATLAS ELEKTRONIK supplies the complete product range based on the ‘sensor-to-shooter’ concept. The range is divided into the sections of surface vessel systems, including mine counter measures, submarine systems and services.

Products include:

  • All variants of sonar systems for submarines, anti-submarine warfare and mine-hunting
  • Integrated command and control systems for submarines, surface vessels and mine countermeasure boats
  • Heavyweight torpedoes and small size anti-torpedo weapons
  • Mine disposal vehicles and AUVs

Integrated mine countermeasures system

The ATLAS integrated mine countermeasures system (IMCMS) is a multi-role MCM weapon system that covers the complete process of mine warfare including minesweeping, mine-hunting and mine-laying on up to task unit level, as well as supporting functions such as hydrography, environmental assessment and surface and air surveillance. The system is based on open architecture, state-of-the-art technologies and is operated from multi-function consoles allowing the control of each sub-system, such as the hull-mounted sonar, the self-propelled variable depth sonar, the autonomous underwater vehicle and the remotely controlled surface drones, from any of the consoles.

Mine disposal system

The SeaFox system is a mine disposal system which is based on the ‘expendable mine disposal vehicle’ principle (EMDV). The SeaFox I, a small, reusable and unmanned underwater drone, is used for inspection, identification and training purposes, while the identical combat vehicle SeaFox C directly disposes long and short tethered mines, proud ground mines and floating mines. The four independent, reversible motors plus one hover thruster ensure high manoeuvrability and exact positioning for firing the shaped charge.

Autonomous vehicles for underwater survey and inspection

The SeaOtter is an autonomous vehicle for underwater survey, mapping, imaging, inspections and measurements with high reliability and safety. The exceptional hydrodynamic form and twin hull with sectional modularity allows the integration and operation of various sensor systems, propulsions, energy packages and navigations. The length and width can be changed by using special interface connectors.

Integrated vehicle guidance, internal system analysis and optimised AUV core assures effective and riskless missions, even under extreme conditions. It provides positioning and navigations of outstanding accuracy, even for extended operations and relocalisation. The SeaOtter system is versatile and can be operated from ships, piers or platforms.

Multi-purpose AUV for naval applications

The vehicle was jointly developed with ATLAS MARIDAN and has been designed for a variety of applications, including:

  • Offshore oil and gas field surveys
  • Mineral field surveys
  • Telecommunication cable route surveys
  • Offshore pipeline pre-lay route surveys and post-lay inspections
  • Military surveys like mine detection and countermeasures
  • Wind park construction surveys
  • Search and recovery
  • Oceanographic surveys
  • Data collection (data taxi)

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