ORBIT Communication Systems has been awarded a follow-on contract for the delivery of its new OceanTRx4 maritime satellite communication systems to an undisclosed Asian customer.

Orbit CEO Ofer Greenberger said: "By deploying OceanTRx, the Asian navy [customer] will continue to benefit from Orbit’s cutting-edge performance and support, which enable reliable and cost-effective high throughput broadband data communications on board their ships."

"The OceanTRx4 supports a broad range of mission-critical applications."

The 1.15m VSAT antenna system aims to support multi-band frequency configurations including X, Ku and Ka bands, as well as a range of BUC power levels.

Featuring inherent field upgradeability, improved RF performance and dynamic response under virtually any sea conditions, the OceanTRx4 supports a broad range of mission-critical applications.

The design reportedly delivers enhanced performance and significant competitive advantages.

Orbit’s maritime satellite communication systems are currently used by more than 20 navies worldwide and deployed in homeland security, oil and gas, leisure and commercial shipping industries.