The French Navy has awarded three contracts worth $459m to naval defence company DCNS to provide maintenance and support for the navy’s warships.

Under the first contract in six years, the company will provide support services for 22 frigates, including the two Horizon air defence frigates, Forbin and Chevalier Paul, and the helicopter carrier Jeanne d’Arc.

In addition, the first deal covers the renovation of combat systems including launch systems, missile launchers, gun turrets, and the modernisation of other on-board systems and equipment.

For the second contract, which will run for four and half years, the company will cover two amphibious assault vessels the Foudre and Sirocco as well as two command and force projection vessels the Mistral and Tonnerre.

The maintenance services by DCNS will include directional propulsion pods, the Thales 3D surveillance radar and high-speed communications system on the force-projection ships.

Services will also be provided for the Monge research and missile-tracking ship under the third contract which runs for six years. French military procurement agency DGA owns the ship, which is crewed by the French Navy.

Work will be carried out at the Brest shipyard in western France, and at Toulon in the south.