The president of India has christened three Talwar Class guided missile frigates, currently under construction at the Yantar shipyard.

The three frigates have been christened as, Teg (sabre), Tarkash (quiver) and Trikand (bow).

According to the shipyard spokesman, the hulls of all the three ships are complete and the first frigate is expected to float out in October 2009. The shipyard plans to deliver all three vessels in 2011-2012.

The Talwar Class, otherwise known as the Krivak III Class frigate will weigh 4,000t and sail at a speed of 30kt. The ships have been built for a range of maritime missions including hunting down and destroying large surface ships and submarines.

The frigates will be armed with eight BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles as well as a 100mm gun, the Shtil air defence system, two Kashtan air defence gun/missile systems, two twin 533mm torpedo tubes and an anti-submarine warfare helicopter.

Russia is building the three frigates for the Indian Navy under a $1.6bn contract signed in July 2006. The country previously built three Talwar Class frigates INS Talwar (sword), INS Trishul (trident) and INS Tabar (axe) for the Indian Navy.