The Aircraft Carrier Alliance (ACA) has awarded a contract to network integration company Telindus to implement the internet protocol television (IPTV) solutions onboard two of the UK Royal Navy’s ships.

As per the contract, Telindus will implement integrated recreational IPTV solutions, providing TV, video, radio and digital signage on board the navy’s HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales which are under development.

The IPTV solution will be designed to integrate with an onboard IP network, and be available throughout the entire ship. At sea, the IPTV will use satellite services and, when in port, it will use the Telindus ship alongside system (SAS).

The new system will enable the ship’s command to disseminate information throughout the ship and can display visual alerts to inform the crew about emergency situations.

In addition, the company is providing the servers, radios including digital audio broadcasting and medium frequency radios as well as TV studio equipment.

HMS Queen Elizabeth and the HMS Prince of Wales are due to go into service in 2015 and 2016, respectively.