L-3 Communication Systems-East

Naval Communication Systems and S/TAR

L-3 Communication Systems-East designs, develops, produces and integrates communication systems and support equipment for space, air, ground, and naval applications, including C4I systems and products; integrated Navy communication systems; integrated space communications and RF payloads; recording systems; secure communications, and information security systems.

Located in Camden, New Jersey, L-3 has a corporate heritage of ten decades of accomplishments, starting with RCA, GE Aerospace, Martin Marietta and Lockheed Martin. Today we are part of L-3 Communications Corporation.

MARCOM® - integrated communications system

The Marcom® is the foundation of the Navy's newest digital integrated voice / data switching system for affordable command and control equipment supporting communications and radio room automation.

The MarCom® uses the latest COTS digital technology and open systems standards to offer the command and control user a low cost, user friendly, solution to the complex voice, video and data communications needs of present and future joint / allied missions. Built in reliability, rugged construction, and fail-safe circuits ensure your call and messages will go through.

The MarCom® requires just a single terminal for each operator thereby reducing shipbuilder costs, weight and space while increasing operator efficiency well beyond today’s legacy stovepipes. Our Keyswitch Integrated Terminal Equipment (KITE) is currently selected for the US Navy’s Aegis Destroyers, USS SAN ANTONIO LPD 17 class of Amphibious ships, the US Coast Guard’s Deepwater cutter and boats, and several international customers.

The Marcom® has the flexibility to support integration with both legacy and modern communication systems like automated radio rooms based on network radios like JTRS. Applications include: shipboard / mobile interior and exterior communications; radio baseband circuit switching; air traffic control; secure switching; and command and control centers.

S/TAR - flight-proven for the 21st century warfighter

The Strategic/Tactical Airborne Recorder (S/TAR) is a family of combat proven Solid State and Magnetic Disk storage devices and servers for high capacity, high data rate severe environment airborne applications.

The S/TAR product line serves the fixed wing, rotary and UAV platforms as well as associated ground installations. S/TAR provides the warfighter with latest in combat proven technology including:

  • Storage Capacities > 1TB
  • Solid State Flash or Magnetic Disk
  • Data Rates > 2Gbps
  • Modular Interfaces – Parallel, Serial, Fibre Channel, ECL, LVDS, Ethernet
  • NSA Secure Erase, Declassification
  • Qualified for Severe Environments
  • Extensive Built – in – Test
  • Stand Alone or Embedded Systems

Systems are currently in operation on the F-16, F-18, F-15, JAS 39, MMA, DCGS 10.2 Predator B, C-26 special operations and classified platforms.

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