Technological Solutions, Weapons and Ammunition for Marine Security and Defence

Naval vessel

EXPAL develops, manufactures, integrates and maintains equipment and solutions for the defence and security industries, providing armed forces globally with solutions designed specifically to enhance their operational capabilities. EXPAL offers to its customers technological support to suit their individual mission requirements.

High-performance ammunition and explosives

EXPAL also supplies demilitaristion and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) services worldwide.

Defence and security technology for naval missions

Since 1918, when the first delivery to the Spanish Navy was made, EXPAL has been providing products to the naval forces of many different countries, as well as developing specific and appropriate solutions to the missions.

EXPAL provides:

  • Ammunition, explosives and pyrotechnic disposal and recovery services
  • Demolition stores for naval use
  • EOD services and soil remediation
  • EOD material
  • GAB underwater grenades
  • Insensitive munitions (IM) warheads fill
  • Light weapons ammunition
  • Medium caliber cannon ammunition
  • MILA underwater lamping mines
  • Mortar ammunition
  • Mortar systems
  • Naval ammunition
  • Propellants
  • Propelling charges
  • Pyrotechnics
  • SAZEC surface control systems
  • TECHFIRE information systems for fire support

Weapon and ammunitions technology to optimise operations

Technology is fundamental to EXPAL. Its future research and development programmes include:

  • Intelligent ammunitions development
  • Improving troops' operative capacities
  • Development of non-lethal armaments
  • Increasing ammunition precision
  • Protecting military platforms and crew
  • Rocket engines for spatial applications
  • Providing rapid-deployment high-mobility weapons
  • Reducing ammunition vulnerability

The EXPAL R+D department continually seeks to improve on the performance of its existing product ranges, in addition to developing new solutions.

EXPAL works with its clients and other leading companies to successfully find innovative solutions for specific customer requirements.

Technology for sea defence and security

EXPAL puts into practice its corporate policies as a basis of its action to:

  • Ensure the highest security standards
  • Offer quality in all our services and products
  • Minimise the impact our activities have on the environment
  • Continue our innovate R+D activities

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Ballistic Computers 12 January 2017 Ballistic computers have been conceived in order to reduce the workload of military personnel involved in operations by automatically providing the required fire data, once the targets have been identified.


Multipurpose Electronic Fuzes 25 September 2013 With more than 40 years of experience in fuze manufacturing, EXPAL offers a wide range of fuzes, mechanical and electronic, for medium caliber, artillery, mortar bombs, naval, aviation and rockets.


EXPAL Propellants 25 September 2013 With a long tradition of providing propellant systems for civil and military purposes, EXPAL has a proven portfolio of products, characterized by excellent performance and long experience in the production of propellants under strict safety criteria and environmental preservation commitment.