Fire-Protection Equipment and Safety Systems for Naval Applications


Consilium provides the marine sector with expert fire and gas detection, safety management, environmental monitoring systems, navigation equipment, and remote services.

The company has extensive installation experience in harsh environments such as those involving power plants, arctic explorers, rolling stock, oil rigs, cruises, and merchant vessels.

Consilium military marine equipment

Consilium considers safety at sea as crucial and combines in-depth technical knowledge with broad marine experience to ensure that it provides the right products and staff training for each customer's needs. Its systems protect people, material values and the environment.

A lot of effort is put into making its systems easy to operate in naval situations where demands are tough, while the company has strict requirements, extensive documentation and an unceasing commitment to system functionality. Meeting such expectations continuously strengthens Consilium's capabilities and benefits its customers.

The need to cope with formal demands for type approvals and compliances with rules and regulations set out by marine, transportation and offshore supervising authorities, led Consilium to approach the stringent naval requirements and performance standards.

Modular-based and backward compatible systems for easy retrofit and integration

The technical base for the company's systems and integration with other systems is the Consilium Common Platform (CCP). This creates an easier process in relation to design, installation and commissioning, training, maintenance, and retrofitting.

The platform is developed in-house, giving full control of critical functionality. It is modular-based and backward compatible, allowing customers to swap and change their products to what best suits them at the time.

Consilium adapts to the marine sector's ever-changing international conventions, standards from classification societies, and company policies. With hundreds of system certificates, the company's platform is flexible and fulfils all the latest requirements.

Fire monitoring systems for naval vessels

Consilium provides fire detection equipment that is designed to warn the crew of signs of smoke, heat, flames, and oil mist.

They are produced using high-quality components and have undergone qualifying tests for naval applications to deliver systems compliant with two levels of demands. These are base MIL-rated (Salwico CFD500 N) and MIL-extended range (CFASS-2).

The Salwico CFD500 N satisfies most needs of the general naval market and offers a broad range of variants at system and field units' level. The high-level of standardisation allows for flexible military off-the-shelf solutions, supported by a complete documentation library and optional integrated logistic support (ILS).

CFASS-2 covers the segment of those applications with extreme electromagnetic interferences capability (EMC), in addition to shock and vibration level standing requirements.

A selected range of products allow realising custom solutions to be installed on submarines, aircraft carriers and other top combatant units, while documentation and support are tailored to each project.

Gas detection and environmental monitoring and control devices

Consilium provides the naval industry with environmental monitoring devices that detect emissions such as nitrogen oxide (NOX), sulfar dioxide (SO2), carbon dioxide (CO2), and other harmful gases. The range includes devices that can monitor and control oil mist leakage, inert gas, scrubber exhausts, and combustion emissions.

Consilium's current gas detection product range comprises the SW2020 sampling type system and the unique loop-configured analogue-addressable GS5000 solution. Salwico gas detection systems are designed and developed to meet all major classification societies' requirements, EN-54 rules, and certain MED standards.

Speed logs and customised voyage data recorders (VDR)

Consilium offers a wide range of first-class SAL Speed Logs that have been used on all types of vessels. The speed logs employ the most up-to-date technology and are designed with a minimal amount of moving parts for convenience.

The equipment can record the speed of the vessel during harsh conditions and can be tailored according to the user's individual circumstance.

Our voyage data recorders (VDRs) focus on value and performance, and can also be customised to a customer's certain needs, without compromising on performance or price.

Consiulium's navigational product range also includes two types of echo sounders, including the E1 and E2. Both systems are low in cost and feature easily installable, reliable technology. The echo sounders are MED and IMO-approved.

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