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Electronic Chart Systems for the Maritime Market

OSI Maritime Systems has been providing electronic chart systems to the maritime market since 1979.

The firm supply integrated navigation and tactical solutions, including integrated bridge systems for warships, C2 systems for small crafts, and integrated dived navigation systems for submarines.

Tactical dived navigation system for enhanced vessel operational ability

OSI's Tactical dived navigation system (TDNS) provides submariners with a wide range of navigational abilities, as well as a number of features that help to enhance the vessel's operational ability and dived navigation safety.

These features include target motion analysis, water space management and moving havens, line of soundings fixing, bottom contour fixing, and vertical sextant angles.

It also supplies advanced navigation fixing techniques using ENCs, as well as raster charts, and 3D chart chart display using dtandard ENC and AML / TOD data products.

The system is based on the ECPINS software, which is the most comprehensive submarine software available.

It can be integrated into a third-party hardware system, or supplied as its own stand-alone hardware, ranging across large displays, or horizontally or vertically mounted.

The TDNS is a fully-approved WECDIS, as well as being accepted as an IMO ECDIS, and certified against Nato STANAG 4564.

Integrated navigation and tactical system

The integrated navigation and tactical system (IDNS) is an integrated bridge systems that is designed to meet the most demanding military environments.

It has a flexible design and is a fully-scalable IMO, as well as being Nato STANAG 4564 compliant.

The system is suitable for existing platform retrofits, or new builds. It integrated selected radars and navigation sensors, as well as providing a comprehensive and cost-effective IBS.

IDNS is based on OSI's ECPINS. It has full WECDIS functionality, and is protected against DGPS / GPS denial as well as failing through battle damage.

Features and functions available within the IDNS include NavTac DDU to accept sensor data, WECDIS to help handle challenging navigational and tactical situations, and SHOL, which allows for the focus on a multiple number of tasks during flying operations.

It also supplies a The ECPINS 3D chart engine, conning display, radar and radar image overlay, and W-AIS functionality for the organisation for a detailed recognised maritime picture.

Tactical asset control and tracking for the sharing of complex sitatuonal awareness pictures

Tactical asset control and tracking (T-ACT) allows for the capture and sharting of complex situational awareness pictures. The system can also be used to help organise the operations of multiple T-ACT fitted ships and smaller assets.

T-ACT enhances the information that is gained through AIS and provides tactical advantages, as well as increased security, performance, and safety of assets, people, and equipment to military operations.

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