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OSI Maritime Systems - The Leader in Naval Integrated Navigation and Tactical Solutions

OSI Maritime Systems is a leading provider of integrated navigation and tactical solutions designed for naval and maritime security operations. The company develops and delivers integrated bridge systems for warships, integrated dived navigation systems for submarines and C2 systems for small craft. OSI currently has 16 naval customers from around the world with more than 500 warships and submarines operating with its world leading integrated navigation and tactical solutions.


With electronic navigation systems experience spanning approximately 35 years, OSI's integrated navigation and tactical solution (INTS) is specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of the military naval vessel market. INTS is a fully-scalable product that is suited to small craft such as patrol boats, high-speed interceptors or fast attack craft through offshore patrol vessels, frigates, destroyers or up to major warships. INTS typically exceeds the unique requirements and functionality demanded by military users and delivers a significant increase in operational capability.


The submarine dived navigation space is the most demanding and challenging environment for naval operations. OSI's tactical dived navigation system (TDNS) is the only solution that uniquely addresses the challenges faced by the submariner. Whether it is inshore reconnaissance, blue water patrol or under-the-ice operations, OSI's TDNS is specifically designed to meet the challenges of the underwater battle space and increase submarine safety and tactical capability. OSI supplies the submarine market with a unique and unparalleled solution to dived navigation. No other electronic charting system has the depth and breadth of features that are so unique to this complex and challenging situation.

Maritime security

Afloat and ashore - tactical asset control and tracking (T-ACT) leverages the information gained through the widespread use of AIS, as well as the tactical support functions available in OSI's navigation and operational support software. This combination provides a dynamic means of capturing and sharing the complex situational awareness picture, as well as tactically employing assets such as small craft (LCVPs, LCUs and Riverine), RHIBs and similar fast boats as well as helicopters. The system can be used to coordinate the operations of multiple T-ACT fitted ships and smaller assets, in either an overt or covert manner as dictated by the tactical situation. T-ACT solutions provide law enforcement, military and security operations with a tactical advantage and a direct enhancement to operational performance, security and safety of critical assets, people and equipment.

Powered by ECPINS

Our electronic chart precise integrated navigation system (ECPINS®) for warships is an International Maritime Organization (IMO) Approved ECDIS that meets the NATO WECDIS STANAG 4564.

ECPINS was developed solely for use on military vessels designed to enhance situational awareness and improve navigational safety. It enables military navigators to navigate in the most challenging conditions and conduct mission-critical work successfully.

Navies worldwide have made ECPINS their choice for warship ECDIS because of the advanced features and OSI's extensive experience in warship navigation. As a result, ECPINS is the fleet standard for many NATO and allied navies including Canada, UK, Australia, Denmark, Portugal and New Zealand.

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OSI Maritime Systems offers tactical navigation and situational awareness solutions for military users of small craft and surface-navigation submarines that are IMO and NATO STANAG compliant.
navigation tactical system OSI’s Integrated Navigation & Tactical System (INTS) ia a fully scalable product that is suited to small craft such as Patrol Boats, High Speed Interceptors or Fast Attack Craft through to Offshore Patrol Vessels, Frigates, Destroyers or up to Major Warships.
tactical dived navigation system OSI’s Tactical Dived Navigation System (TDNS) is the only solution that uniquely addresses the challenges faced by the submariner.
tactiacl asset control tracking Tactical Asset Control and Tracking (T-ACT) leverages the information gained through the widespread use of AIS, as well as the tactical support functions available in OSI’s navigation and operational support software
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