The Project 19920 large hydrographic survey boat is designed by Vympel Shipyard. Credit: OJSC.
The third large hydrographic survey boat was launched in August 2012. Credit: OJSC.
The Project 19920 large hydrographic survey boats are built for the Russian Ministry of Defence. Credit: OJSC.
The fourth Project 19920 survey boat was launched in May 2014. Credit: OJSC.

Project 19920, a large hydrographic survey boat designed and built by OJSC Vympel Shipyard, performs hydrographic and navigation survey works for the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.

The large survey boat is intended to perform buoy laying, survey of inshore waters and maintenance works. It can also carry out other missions such as inspection, maintenance, recharge and repair of onshore and floating navigational equipment. It is further used to transport cargo, special-purpose equipment and personnel to unprepared shores.

Project 19920 large hydrographic survey boat orders and deliveries

The Russian Federation Ministry of Defence placed an order with Vympel Shipyard for the manufacture and delivery of four Project 19920 large hydrographic survey boats.

The first survey boat, named BGK-2090, was delivered in 2008. The second boat, BGK-2148 was launched in August 2012 and delivered to the Russian Navy in November 2012.

The third watercraft in the series was launched in August 2012 and will be delivered to the Hydrography and Oceanography of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defence in 2015. The fourth large inshore survey boat was launched in May 2014.

Design and features of the hydrographic survey boat

The Project 19920 large hydrographic survey boat features a single deck with continuous main deck and long forecastle. Middle section of the boat houses the deckhouse and the engine room. The ship’s bow stem is raked forward to provide a comfortable ride, while its stern has a transom shape.

The watercraft measures 36.44m in overall length, 7.8m in overall beam and 3.60m in depth. It has a displacement of 320t and can carry a crew of up to 11 personnel.

The boat complies with the safety standards classified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, including operating in waters with a wave height of 6m and exceedance of 3%, at a distance of 50 miles from refuge in open seas, and of 100 miles in closed seas.

Navigation and communications systems on board Project 19920 boat

The Project 19920 large inshore survey boat is equipped with navigational equipment to ensure safe hydrographic surveys of the waters. The systems include a navigational radar, NAVSTAR / GLONASS global satellite navigational system, computer-based integrated navigational mapping system, magnetic compass, lag, NAVTEX receiver, and an echo sounder.

Communications systems aboard the watercraft include Inmarsat-C two-way packet data service system, transponder, VHF and HF/MF radio systems, portable VHF radio telephones and a satellite EPIRB with radar transponder.

Hydrographic survey equipment

The Project 19920 boat is installed with a range of hydrographic survey equipment to provide accurate data for nautical charting activities. It features surveying profilograph, automated mareograph, sounding depth finder, roll parameter measurement system, self-contained returnable hydrological probe, and sound-in-water velocity meter.

It is also equipped with a multi-beam echo sounder with data acquisition/processing equipment to map the bottom water for efficient underwater navigation purposes.

Propulsion details

The main power plant of the Project 19920 large hydrographic survey boat consists of two DEUTZ BF6M1015MC diesel engines rated at 248kW each. The boat also features two gearboxes, driving the fixed pitch propellers. The auxiliary propulsion unit consists of two diesel generator sets having a generating capacity of 75kW each.

Performance of Project 19920 large hydrographic survey boat

The watercraft has a full speed of 11.5k and offers a cruising range of 1,000 miles at a speed of 11k. The hydrographic survey boat can endure for up to ten days.