The MN Centurion interceptor is the latest fast patrol boat developed by Milkor. Credit: Milkor.
The MN Centurion interceptor was launched in September 2018. Credit: Milkor.
The maximum speed of the MN Centurion patrol boat is 54k. Credit: Milkor

The MN Centurion Interceptor is a long-endurance fast patrol boat designed and manufactured by South African defence solutions provider Milkor to serve the requirements of the military and coast guard forces.

It was officially launched at the Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) 2018 international aerospace and defence exhibition held at Air Force Base Waterkloof, Centurion, South Africa, in September 2018.

The interceptor is suited for multi-role missions, including maritime patrol, surveillance, asset protection, counter-piracy, and search-and-rescue (SAR).

It can also be configured to perform unmanned surface vehicle (USV) and personnel transport and deployment roles.

MN Centurion high-speed interceptor design and features

The MN Centurion interceptor features a hydrofoil-assisted stepped catamaran hull design and offers enhanced seakeeping performance. The reduced radar signature of the hull provides limited stealth capability.

The hull is made of fibre-reinforced composite material, offering a high interception speed with improved stability and control. It also provides a high lift to drag ratio for improved fuel efficiency and endurance.

The vessel has an overall length of 12m and beam of 4.8m. With a full load displacement of 10,000kg, the catamaran can carry a four-member crew, including a pilot/helmsman, communications/navigation operator and two standby/weapon control operators.

The crew members are seated in shock mitigation seats housed in the air-conditioned command and control bridge located amidships. The bridge also has armoured glass and ballistic protection features to protect the crew from bullet firings.

Two hot-bunking sleeping berths and a galley are provided on board the vessel. The aft deck can be configured for various roles based on the customer requirement.

MN Centurion interceptor armament and protection features

The main armament of the MN Centurion patrol boat is a 40mm radar-guided automatic grenade launcher (AGL) developed by ST Kinetics. Mounted in a protected cupola, the AGL is used for ground target engagement.

It is also armed with a 20mm remotely operated stabilised weapon station and up to four optional radar-guided missiles to defeat enemy targets.

Navigation and communication

The navigational requirements of the MN Centurion fast patrol boat are served by on-board GPS and the chirp radar. The automatic identification system (AIS) installed on the vessel enables it to track the vessels in its vicinity.

The boat is integrated with a stabilised electro-optical and infrared (EO/IR) gimbal to provide surveillance and situational awareness.

The vessel is also equipped with a single very high-frequency (VHF) radio and single-sideband modulation (SSB) radio to provide reliable communication between the ship and operators.

Propulsion and performance of MN Centurion interceptor

The MN Centurion catamaran comes with two propulsion options, either two 440hp diesel inboard engines or two 350hp outboard engines.

The typical cruise speed of the vessel is between 30k and 40k, whereas its maximum and loitering speeds are 54k and 7k, respectively.

The boat has a maximum range of approximately 700nmi and carries a large fuel tank with a storage capacity of 2,400kg. It can also hold up to 500l of fresh water.

The vessel is capable of operating under rough sea conditions for up to five days.