AUV62-AT ASW Training System

AUV62-AT is a state-of-the-art anti-submarine warfare (ASW) training system that provides real-time warfare exposure to the ASW units of naval forces.

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Anti-submarine warfare training system


Saab Seaeye



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AUV62-AT is a state-of-the-art anti-submarine warfare (ASW) training system that provides real-time warfare exposure to the ASW units of naval forces.

Designed and developed by Saab Seaeye, the training system helps ASW units to conduct cost-efficient training activities, while avoiding the use of submarines.

The AUV62-AT acts as a training target that emulates a real submarine. It resembles a real submarine in a range of ASW scenarios and can be deployed in operator training activities, as well as the evaluation of sonar and other command control systems.

It can also be used for testing the capabilities of existing naval ASW systems. It is compatible with modern torpedoes and ASW sonar systems.

Saab successfully demonstrated the AUV-62AT ASW system at the British Royal Navy’s Unmanned Warrior military exercise held in November 2016.

AUV62-AT system design and features

The AUV62-AT ASW training system is designed to be the modular target for submarines to evaluate their firing system and other important modules. It mimics a hostile/friendly submarine during training.

AUV62-AT is highly flexible and can be launched from a ship or a submarine, as well as from shore. Launch and recovery of the training system are supported by a custom-designed docking device.

The AUV-62 AT training system includes an AUV62-AT vehicle, signal generation and analysis system, advanced mission planning system, mission evaluation system, launch and recovery system (LARS), as well as an integrated logistics support (ILS) system.

“It has a maximum operating depth of 300m and a maximum endurance of 24 hours at a speed of 4kt.”

Weighing approximately 620kg, the system features an extended mast for effective communication and data transfer. The transducers located on top of the vehicle enable generation and transmission of echo and noise.

The extendable tail provides target elongation capability to the system, while hydrophones mounted on the hull facilitate echo repetition. The signature generation system on-board the unit is capable of producing both active and passive signals.

Mission capabilities of AUV62-AT

The vehicle can act as a moving target and produce noise with a frequency similar to the passive signatures made by a conventional submarine. It can also receive sonar pings and echo them back with a greater strength.

The system can perform a range of ASW missions, including surveillance, detection, identification, classification and engagement of targets. It can conduct training activities along with surface vessels, submarines, maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) and helicopters.

Mission plans, including route details, activities, passive signatures and target data, is fed to the training system by the exercise coordinator. The vehicle is then launched and the entire training session can be recorded for evaluation and enhancement of training exercises.

Propulsion and performance

Powered by a 12kWH lithium polymer battery, the submersible vessel offers a maximum speed of 12kt.

It has a maximum operating depth of 300m and a maximum endurance of 24 hours at a speed of 4kt.

Noise generation and echo repetition during training exercises are completely programmable. The frequency response range of AUV62-AT lies between 2.5kHz and 100kHz, while the dynamic range of the system with a standard tail is 90dB.

AUV62-AT orders and deliveries

The AUV62-AT ASW system was ordered by a number of navies across the world. In June 2016, the Swedish Navy placed an order with Saab for the delivery of an undisclosed number of AUV62-ATs. The deliveries are scheduled to be completed by the end of 2019.

Saab secured an order for the delivery of the AUV62-AT ASW training system from an undisclosed customer in March 2017.

The AUV-62 AT training system was preferred by the US Navy (USN) for evaluation under the Foreign Comparative Testing (FCT) programme. The evaluation, which is part of the USN’s strategy to replace its existing ASW training system was completed in summer 2018.

The Royal Navy of the UK awarded a contract to Saab for the delivery of the AUV-62AT ASW training system in May 2019.

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