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The top amphibious warships in the world

The US Navy operates three of the top ten amphibious warship classes, with the remaining operated by eight navies from the rest of the world. Naval-technology lists the top amphibious warships by their displacement and capacities.

The top five drones deployed by the US Navy

The US Navy currently employs multiple unmanned aircraft in operations across challenging environments. Four of the top five unmanned aerial vehicles used by the US Navy were developed by Northrop Grumman. Naval-technology lists the top five US Navy drones based on their payload capacity and endurance.

Report: Asia Pacific region to drive the maritime and border security market

The maritime and border security market is dominated by the Asia Pacific region, whose spending is largely influenced by the current and future procurement programmes of China, India, South Korea, Australia and Japan during 2017-2027, according to a report by Strategic Defence Intelligence (SDI).