Building on more than 30 years of expertise in acoustic processing, SAES has developed a complete family of Sonobuoy Processing Acoustic Systems (SPAS) that covers all maritime patrol airfcraft (MPA) and Helo anti-submarine warfare (ASW) operations.

The SPAS is fully integrated with the aircraft / helo tactical mission system and enables acoustic sensor operators to detect, classify, localise, and track submarines and surface ships, based on analysis of the acoustic signals from the deployed sonobuoys.

The SPAS is capable of concurrently processing of up to 64 sonobuoys of any type (passive and active either in digital and analogue implementation).

Main features

  • Number of sonobuoys managed: available in different configurations: 8, 16, 32 & 64
  • VHF band: 136 MHz to 174 MHz
  • Type of sonobuoys: passive and active sonobuoys in analog and digital implementation
  • Analysis tools: Narrowband, broadband, transient, Demon, Double Demon, Swath
  • Localisation tools: multistatic plot, energy plot, automatic cross fixing, target motion analysis (TMA), closest point of approach (CPA)
  • Performance prediction tools: ray-tracing, mean detection range (MDR), prediction range of the day (PRD)
  • Classification tool: harmonic and modulation dividers. Interaction with an acoustic intelligence database (ACINT)
  • Sonobuoy remote command: command function selection (CFS) and command signal generator (CSG)
  • Onboard acoustic information recording: STANAG 4283 Ed. 6 compliance
  • Onboard Playback: analysis of the acoustic data recorded in real, fast or slow time speed
  • Onboard training: real-time training
  • System maturity: TRL 9: system test, launch and operation