ROASW system is a two-system segment (surface segment ROASW-SS & airborne segment ROASW-AS) capable to operate an ASW / ASuW mission by means of controlling remotely from the ROASW-SS manned / unmanned air vehicle in order to receive via data relay (STANAG 7085 compliance) the acoustic and tactical information from sensors (passive, active and digital).

The ROASW-SS is also capable of receiving from the ROASW-AS non acoustic information like Radar and EO.

ROASW-SS is a powerful acoustic processing system for the detection and tracking of enemy submarines. ROASW-SS supplies the following technical capabilities:

  • Number of sonobuoys managed: 32 (expandable to up to 64)
  • VHF band: 136 MHz to 174 MHz
  • Analysis tools: narrowband, broadband, transient, Demon, Double Demon, Swath
  • Localisation tools: multistatic plot, energy plot, automatic cross fixing, target mpvement analysis (TMA), closest point of approach (CPA)
  • Performance prediction tools: Ray tracing, mean detection range (MDR), probability detection range (PDR)
  • Classification tool: Harmonic and modulation dividers. Interacts with an acoustic intelligence database (ACINT)
  • Onboard acoustic information recording: Yes, STANAG 4283 compliance
  • Post-nission analysis ROASW-SS incorporates a fast time analyser system (FTAS).

ROASW-AS provides air-vehicle naval mission capabilities without the need of a dedicated operator.

ROASW-AS is capable of receiving sonobuoy information from deployed sonobuoys, acquire and preprocess selected sonobuoy data, and relay that information together with tactical data to a ROASW-SS ship/base.

It is also capable to receive acoustic and non acoustic information (Radar, EO) from ROASW-AS:

  • Type of communication: Line of sight (LOS): Ship-to-Helo (S2H) & Ship-to-Ship (S2S)
  • Type of antenna: RF directional & omnidirectional antennas
  • Communication band: Ku Band
  • Interoperability standards: STANAG 7085
  • Link Range: 30Nm
  • Selectable data rate: 200 Kbps, 400 Kbps, 2 Mbps, 10,71 Mbps, 21,42 Mbps & 44,73 Mbps