The SOLARSUB RDTAS is a digital towed array sonar that is reelable from the platform by winch that allows the deployment and recover of the antenna.

SOLARSUB is a high-performance sonar, which provides a greater detection range and is able to integrate with the rest of the combat system sonars, being easy to install on board.

The sonar provides a wide surveillance area (360º) including surface and submarine stern, long-range detection, multiple track capability, and improved classification aids for multiple contacts simultaneously.

It also supplies a high capacity of processing in Broadband and Narrowband (LOFAR, DEMON, Threat Analysis and Multi LOFAR), detection and analysis of transients, antijamming, interceptions and other capacities, such as audio and recording.

SOLARSUB RDTAS COTS modularity, the small footprint components and the low power consumption allows simple installation onboard the submarine by using the clip-on or the winch possibility (automatically deployment / recovering) according to platform capabilities.

Main Features:

  • The effectiveness of the platform detection capability is greatly improved thanks to location of the antenna; towed far behind the submarine, where the own noise of submarine is avoided
  • The submarine is better protected against attack coming from the stern where submarines are more vulnerable
  • Passive target range estimation by triangulation analysis with other sonars of the combat system
  • Increases the performances of the submarine for surveillance, detection, tracking, analysis, and classification
  • Low frequency passive detection, and therefore long-range detection of surface contacts and modern and silent submarines
  • Both passive detection of low and very low frequency acoustic signals allow the performance of acoustic intelligence and to use data in tracking motion analysis (TMA)
  • There are no shadow zones