This high-frequency active sonar DDS-03 has been specifically designed for the detection of underwater threats, such as divers and manned and unmanned underwater vehicles (SDV, ROV or UUV), off¬ering protection and surveillance against the potential threat in ports, critical facilities, shipwrecks, environmentally protected areas, special events, and anchored boats.

DDS is an autonomous system that does not need operator assistance and can be integrated in any surveillance system.
In their basic configuration, three units compose DDS-03: surface unit, underwater unit, and intermediate init.

Additionally, the Deterring System (DES) can warn non-authorised divers of being in a protected area and emit dissuasive acoustic signals if needed.

Main Characteristics:

  • Detection range depends upon environmental condition. Typically up to 1000 m
  • Field of view of 90º/180º/270º/360º simultaneously
  • Up to 10 Underwater Units can be integrated in a common Control Unit
  • High performance HMI: 1600 resolution
  • Contact Distance and Azimuth Display
  • Fully integrated BITE
  • Three operation modes: Harbour, Vessels and Sea bottom
  • Remote surveillance by mobile devices
  • Wireless Deployment (WIFI)
  • Zones with suppressed alarms
  • Emission of CW & FM pulses
  • Automatic alarms. Customizable. Threat Warning Level
  • Automatic detection and tracking of targets
  • Automatic contact classification
  • Electronic Cartography
  • Heading and attitude sensors integrated
  • Recording and replay capabilities
  • Lightweight systems with reduced dimensions
  • Integrated Training (optional)
  • Acoustic Performance Prediction (Optional)