ViaSat UK has received a contract to provide Ultra High Frequency (UHF) satellite communications (SATCOM) for the new Type 31 frigates.

The frigates are being built for the Royal Navy by Babcock Team 31.

UHF SATCOM will provide secure integrated voice and data services to the Type 31 frigates for communication between Royal Navy maritime vessels and headquarters.

This capability will help keep the commanders updated on the fleet disposition.

It is also an important aspect to allow the maritime task group operations and provides secure beyond line of sight (BLOS) communications between ships and mobile units.

Viasat UK Government Systems MD Steve Beeching said: “This UHF SATCOM capability will ensure the Royal Navy Type 31 frigates will have the robust, secure, worldwide UHF voice and data services it needs for modern warfare operations in the current information advantage environment.

“We are very proud to be able to supply our world-class technology to the UK Ministry of Defence.

“The importance of the UH SATCOM capability in enabling defence to coordinate limited assets, at its disposal, while effectively supporting allies globally cannot be understated.”

In August this year, Babcock Team 31 completed a Whole Ship Preliminary Design Review (WSPDR) for the Type 31 vessel.

In September last year, the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) contracted Babcock to deliver five Type 31 frigates.

The ships are due to replace the Type 23, while the first Type 31 is expected to be launched as early as 2023.