Babcock Team 31 has completed a Whole Ship Preliminary Design Review (WSPDR) for the Type 31 vessel, a planned class of frigate for the British Royal Navy.

The review marks the completion of the engineering functional design phase and offers insights about compliance, maturity and engineering risks in proceeding into the detailed design phase.

The WSPDR was carried out virtually over a period of ten days by an independent board to review the design and quiz the engineering team. Contributors from the British Ministry of Defence also attended the event.

According to the company, the board expressed satisfaction with the progress and technical maturity of the design.

Babcock Type 31 Programme Director Graeme Thomson said: “Completing the Whole Ship PDR is a key milestone for the Type 31 programme and signals our move into detailed design.

“I’d like to thank all involved, a lot of hard work went into achieving this positive outcome. I look forward to the next stage in this exciting and challenging programme.”

The UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) contracted Babcock to deliver five Type 31 frigates.

Type 31 will be used to prevent aggression and maintain the UK’s security interests.

Babcock noted that the Type 31 programme continues at pace. It includes equipping the Rosyth facility with additional advanced manufacturing capabilities. A new assembly hall is also being constructed at the facility to accommodate two Type 31 frigates.