The US Navy’s Los Angeles-class submarine, USS Pasadena (SSN 752), has successfully completed drydocking selected restricted availability (DSRA).

It returned to the fleet on 31 October. The DSRA programme was conducted at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY).

USS Pasadena’s DSRA is the NNSY’s first DSRA in ten years.

According to the US Navy, the submarine spent just 12 months at the shipyard to replace, repair and overhaul components on the boat.

Shipyard commander captain Dianna Wolfson said: “Following a tremendous amount of effort and teaming on a very challenging availability, Pasadena has returned to the fleet to meet its significant operational commitment for our navy and nation.

“The Pasadena project team met our navy leadership challenge to ‘get real, get better’ in several significant ways, and their efforts will pay off as we leverage their learning across America’s shipyard and our NAVSEA enterprise.”

Pasadena served as the shipyard’s pilot project under the Naval Sustainment System—Shipyards (NSS-SY) programme.

NSS-SY initiative, which is part of the navy’s efforts to streamline its processes and improve internal coordination, is underway at all the four public shipyards.

Project Superintendent Frank Williams said: “Sailors and ships are meant to be at sea and not in a repair environment and throughout all phases of the availability, it’s been our job to get them back there.

“The project team has done a great job keeping focused on this throughout the past 13 months.

“Thanks to all the efforts of our team and ship’s force, we have now gotten Pasadena back to sea where she belongs.”

Earlier this year, another Los Angeles-class boat USS Toledo arrived at the NNSY for a scheduled engineered overhaul.