The US Navy’s Puget Sound Naval Shipyard & Intermediate Maintenance Facility (PSNS & IMF) has launched the first phase of its Naval Sustainment System – Shipyards (NSS-S) initiative.

In September last year, PSNS & IMF commenced a pilot programme to improve the efficiency of the shipyard and ensure on-time delivery.

The initiative is part of the command’s efforts to streamline its processes and improve internal coordination.

PSNS & IMF commander Captain Dianna Wolfson said: “Our Combatant Commanders rely on us to provide the naval assets they need, when they are needed, and our ability to deliver ships out of maintenance availabilities on-time and with the requisite capability, quality, and safety is critical to meet their demands.

“Our goal is to deliver 100% of availabilities on time or early.”

The initiative will work with Boston Consulting Group (BCG) to incorporate practices aimed at improving the naval maintenance process.

It will focus on making the public shipyard team and workforce successful, enhancing business practices, and improving the production cost and schedule performance.

It also aims to better the planning and change management and will oversee the materials.

NSS-SY will be implemented at all four public shipyards for the next three years, with an aim to initially increase the operational effectiveness.

NSS-SY champion Mathew VanRavenhorst said: “Employees will see the shipyard continuing its transformation efforts inside the shop.

“This includes maintaining the improvements we already made during the phase zero pilot programme.

“Now that we are beginning phase one, employees will also see a focused effort to streamline project management fundamentals on waterfront availabilities and identification of barriers in material procurement and readiness.”